Jumping Somewhere Down A Large Hole In The Ground...

There was a man.

Down the hole.

"Great." said Tyler Draccon sarcastically. This was unfortunate in many ways. Firstly, the man had the good sense to climb down and not jump like others. This meant that he couldn't use the 'You took a big knock to the head and imagined the whole thing' story. Secondly, he seemed to know that someone would be down there. This was a big problem. He was bound to ask questions as you don't generally find state of the art computer technology in Birmingham, let alone in a manhole down a back street in Birmingham. What should he say when he met this man? Police work? That might work. But why down a manhole of all things? How about a Terrorist trap? No, the man would report him to the police and his plan would be scuppered. 'I know', he thought as an idea came to him.

"Hello??" called the man into the bleak darkness. The passage looked quite long and he couldn't be sure if he could actually be bothered to check it out on what a child had told him.

"Is anybody here?" he called again rounding a corner. He heard a faint sound.

"Action on screen 2" said a bleak monotone voice that could only have belonged to a computer quietly.

"I can hear you, you know. You can't hide from me forever!" he called again feeling stupid as he spoke to no-one in particular.

'Damn it' thought Tyler Draccon. He thought he would just be able to hide until the man got bored or died. Now he'd have to think of a new plan. Luckily, he had an IQ of 197 so that shouldn't have been too difficult as he was almost a certified genius. At that point another plan popped into his head.

Suddenly, light emerged from around the corner like light emerging from a dark place and the man gasped in amazement as he saw the vast screens, bleeping terminals and the strange figure who was pointing a gun at his head.

Tyler Draccon couldn't believe who had just turned up. It had to be the most mind-boggling, brain-smashing coincidence ever. Of course it was very annoying, but even so. Of all the people in Birmingham, he had only known two. One - Lance Alotus. Two - Rupert Moranne.

"Rupert?" Tyler questioned.

"Tyler?" Rupert asked.

"No way!!" they both said at the same time.

The End

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