Tyler Draccon

Lance awoke to the faint sound of machine's whirring, and cackling. He could vaguely see a small passageway from a dim light further down it. However, he had more on his mind than passageways. He had a stinking headache. Lance looked up. Some small creatures with large heads were staring at him and babbling in a familiar yet confusing language. It looked a long way up. He yawned. He needed to sleep.

He crawled down the passageway in search of somewhere comfortable to sleep. The light was becoming brighter now. He got to the end of the passageway and could see lots of machines and another one of those creatures. This one was engrossed in the machines and hadn't noticed him yet. Lance stood up and then fell over again. The creature noticed him now. It towered over to him and spoke in that familiar language.

"Whatareyoudoinghere!" It yelled. The overwhelming sound and speed of which he said  it was just too much for Lance. He passed out onto the floor.


Lance woke up a day later, in a pile of mud. 'Where am i', he thought to himself.

"Ah. I see you've woken up Sir Lance" said a voice from the other side of the small room.

"Uh, who?" said Lance; he didn't know a Sir Lance.

"Sir Lance. Sir Lance Alotus. That's you", the voice repeated, it sounded tired.

"Oh. If you say so. And you are?" replied Lance. He was very confused. He couldn't remember anything about why he was here or in fact where here was. And now some strange man was calling him Sir Lance. How very odd.

"You don't know who i am?" answered the voice. Lance could now see where the voice was coming from. A tall man was striding over from behind a machine.

"Err. No."

The figure looked confused. Then a smile came across his face. "Do you know what amnesia is, my friend?" said the figure.

"No. Should i?"

"It is memory loss caused by a traumatic event or a hit on the head. You fell down here when you were coming to visit me. You are my friend who helps me do my work. This is my office. Before the fall, you did everything i said without question; is that understood?"

"Oh that makes sense. But who are you? I can't remember who you are. Surely i would if i worked for you."

"My name is Tyler Draccon. You called me Mr D." Tyler smiled evilly.

"Ok Mr D."

"The most important thing is that you don't tell anyone that you're working for me, what we are doing, or where my office is. What i am planning is not exactly above board, if you know what i mean." Mr D smiled again.

"Err, i can't say that i do." replied Lance. This was all starting to make some kind of sense. Mr D would help him get back to his normal life.

"Nevermind. Oh and by the way, you talk a bit more posh than how you are at the moment. Can you do that?" Mr D was hoping that he would say yes, otherwise his plan might just fail. He needed Lance to act completely normal.

"But of course, dear friend. Does this meet the required expections, Mr D?"

"It sure does. Now, i want you to climb out of this manhole, and whatever happens in the next 24 hours, just go along with it and take full responsibility. Got it?"

"I would be delighted to perform whatever the task in question may be".

Tyler Draccon smiled again. He hadn't planned for Sir Lance posh-alotus to fall down his hole and develop amnesia, but this was an added bonus. Now, to wait.

The End

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