Ninja Penguin in: Prom Peril!!

Ninja Penguin Derek was tidying his bachelor 'gloo. He swept all of the mess into a neat pile in the corner, and then instructed his Polar Bear Charles to sit just infront of said pile, and then stood back to admire his handywork.

'That is some talented hiding of junk.' He said, nodding with satisfaction. Just then he saw the reminder on the calendar: "School Dance Tonight 7pm". Oh no, the dance! Derek had completely forgotten, and it was 6.59! He quickly put on his- no wait, penguins don't need to wear tuxedos, they are kinda built in. Anyway, he whipped off his black glasses and took a special pair of identical black glasses (for important functions) and zipped off to the dance in true Ninja style (which from what I gather is quickly and making karate moves without the "woaarrrr" noises).

Derek entered the dance, and was greeted by his good friend, and very pretty penguin, Penguina (her parents weren't very original when it came to names). Derek blushed inwardly, which he need not have done because there were only red and pink lights on in the hall as it was, and adjusted where his bow tie would have been. He had to impress Penguina, but he couldn't dance to this music: a quick swing played by some strangely shark-shaped penguins with moustaches on, covering where their beaks should be.

Wait a minute...

Penguina gasped as Derek ran over to the band and whipped off their moustaches in turn, to reveal some shady looking fish...


The leader of the quintet, a violinist with sharp pointed teeth, flashed an evil smile at the others as they replaced their instruments with guns! Everybody screamed as the sharks began to fire, only...they seemed to have misunderestimated the fact that bullets do not travel half as quickly in water, and were now just floating about aimlessly. Scientific fact (it's not, I just thought you'd believe me if I put that).

Derek shook his head pitingly at the sharks, which lulled them into a false sense of security: they did not see his swift punches coming. Dumbos.

The sharks lay on a heap on the dancefloor, groaning as a shoal of police swum along to arrest them. Derek lowered his glasses at a bunch of girls standing nearby, and they all swooned, partly because they found him very dashing and also a bit because with his wearing dark glasses all the time, they had forgotten that he had eyes. Penguina laughed, and Derek leaned in for a cheeky penguin peck...

Next time: Derek faces one of his toughest choices yet- Tea or coffee???

Oh yeah, and the his demented evil twin is on the loose, that too.

The End

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