Baised on a true story... no, it's not really, just felt like saying that. ^^
I did a comic on Ninja Penguin, who's a ninja... and a penguin.... :')
This is nothing like the orginal ninja penguin.......


PART ONE - the land of the killer seals

Once upon a igloo, lived a penguin called Derek. Derek was a simple penguin of simple means. He always wore black sunglasses, no matter what the weather was like.

Derek had a simple life, he fished by day, vomiting in childrens' mouths by night (relax, it's common amoung birds). He kept his igloo in order, like all (broke) bachelors, he swept every year (doesn't really get that messy in his igloo) and always ate out - his favourite food being sushi, of course. In his free time, Derek liked to perform marshal arts. He was the best in the whole arctic.  

One day, Derek was minding his own business, doing his chores, when out of the blue message tube missiled into his home. He waddled over, his flippers flapping at the sides. He reads inside:

Dear N.P.

If you are recieving this telegram, then the worst has happened...

The Killer seals have escaped...

We are relying on your expert help.

Yours, N.C.

Derek sighs, N.P. = Ninja Penguin, N.C. = Ninja Chicken. It was a letter from the international instertute of ninja - butt kicking - birds.

He sighs again, waddling over to his ninja stuff. He pulls on his black bandana, cracks out his whip, and most importantly, he sticks his transphere tatoo on - always good for scaring off the evil beings.

He locks up the front door, using his fishbone key and jogs down the ice. He dives into the water zooming through, dodging attacks from preditors he climbs out of the other side.

Here, he is faced by two fluffy seals. One of them has golden fur and pin prick eyes; the other seal has matted grey fur, and also has pin prick eyes.

The grey one growls, "You're dead meat penguin! BAHAHAHAHA!" He throws a deathstar at Ninja Penguin's head, they only tip his glasses, knocking them to the floor.

Ninja Penguin looks down at them, and back up again snarling. "You... Shouldn't... Have done... That..."

The evil seals glance at each other, and back to Ninja Penguin. As they look at him again, they're faced with his feet colliding with their face. The grey seal flies backwards from the blast, Ninja Penguin following him with his whip in hand, slashing it and knocking it out on the ground.

The gold seal looks at it's brother, "Oh &^%$£" Ninja Penguin knocks him out with a BAM! a POW! and a KABOOM!

The seals end up one next to the other, Ninja Penguin picks his glasses up, slides them on, saying joyfully as he stands on the seals. "Never. Touch, the glasses." He laughs, the seals moan in pain.



Ninja Penguin faces his biggest foe to date, the killer whale, will he make it? Or will he fail? Find out next time on THE ADVENTURES OF NINJA PENGUIN!




The End

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