The Adventures of Michael Blankley

Michael Blankley is a typical 15-year-old from East England. He is overwhelmed when he finds himself stuck in an imaginary world of madness. Will he find away to escape?

Michael Blankley got off his bike, he was down a street which he as a paper delivery boy hadn't seen before. The street had a weird feeling, the walls were lined with purple ivy, something that he thought was completely crazy.

He rubbed his hand against the brick wall on his left, the bricks crumbled as soon as his fingers made contact with the harsh and dry surface. He wanted to leave, but an overwhelming sense of adventure and curiosity roared within him, like a lion wanting to be released back into the wild. Michael laughed.

All of a sudden, Michael started walking, he wasn't doing himself as his feet were, as if they were sentient. He tried to stop but he couldn't, he was being pulled and pulled down the street until he came to a stop!

There in front of him was a window with white lace curtains, flowing in the ghostly wind, it was open. Inside was a large aperture with a blinding beam of light shooting through it. Michael walked towards it, he touched it and a surge of energy pulsed through him, it knocked him back thirty feet. Bruised and shocked, he got up and continued to walk towards the window.

It was getting brighter every second, and Michael was soon filled with a burst of adrenaline. He jumped into the aperture - and vanished.

The light disappeared along with windows which slammed shut. All that was left was a closed window.

The End

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