Meeting a new friend.

It jumped out! "Are you Mia?" asked the strange creature. "Y...y...yes" i stammered nervously. "Good, ive been flying everywhere to find you" said the creature gladly. All i could do was nod. In my brain i was trying to think of a  way to escape, escape from this werid creature, before it hurt me.  "Your scared of me arent you..well i cant blame you, you dont really see my species anywhere, only in fairytales. Well now you see one in real life, Im Aqua.The dragon." Aqua explained quickly. "H.......hi Aqua. Can you explain why your here because im confused" i said slowly, still trying to think of plans to run into my house that seemed miles away. "Ok.but this may frighten you so sit down under the tree" repiled Aqua. Suddenley a lot of questions popped into my head. "Is he to be trusted? "Will he take me away when i sit down?, Is he a nice dragon or an evil dragon"

"Come and sit, i will not take you away, and i am not evil. Just listen to my story" called Aqua. Quickly my legs and feet moved without me meaning to. Soon i found myself right in front of Aqua. "Well my chance of not being eaten has gone" I thought as i slowly sat myself down. Then he began.

The End

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