The adventures of Mia!

This girl who likes adventures goes on a trip of an lifetime and meets unusual friends. She then has to fight agaisnt two incrediably undefeated crinmals to get what has been stolen! Will she win or will the world become evil?

I always liked differnet adventures and seeing unusal places, promblem was I never was allowed to see unusual places or do different adventures because they were too "dangerous" but i will never forget a paticular day when i did actually go on an adventure, an amzing one, that i never had done but one I would do over and over again.

It all started on a lovely saturday morning, I was in my huge garden, underneath my acorn tree-which was big!- and enjoying the warm sunshine, when suddenley I hear a shuffle near the brown fence. Something was moving ! Quick as lightening I realisied it was in the bushes. At first I thought it was just a small creature, like a little mouse but then i heard it again even louder this time! Strangley i wasnt frightned, im not sure why, even not sure now but i guess i just thought it couldnt harm me.  "Mia" my mum called. "tea time." Happily i sprinted away.

I thought I was safe now, whatever was in the bushes couldnt heart me but it was still there when i came back. How did I know? When i came back there was more shuffling.


The End

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