The Adventures of lexy Amber Jones

Hi my name is Lexy Amber Jones and you and me are gonna have some cool adventures so lets get a move on.

Dinner time called Mrs Jones.I rushed torwards the door wizzed down the steps and clinged onto the railings then I hopped into my seat."Fish stew with corn bread yuck"."Pitty" sighed Mr Jones "you know your mother spends a lot of time on the food she makes"."Sorry" replied Lexy cheerfully .After dinner mrs Jones tucked Lexy in bed and said good night. Lexy waited untill Mrs Jones had gone down the stairs.Then Lexy jumped out of the window and ran across the lane to the next street second to the right lived her friend Penny Kate Ram.Politely Lexy knocked on the door. "Aren't you supposed to be in bed", said Mrs Ram impatiently. "No" said Lexy "does penny go to bed this early?" Mrs Ram reluctantly called Penny down and both girl's went to Lexy's house where all their adventure stuff was. Lexy said she would climb into her room while Penny knocked on the door.Mrs Jones looked surprised when she saw penny but asked her why she was here.Penny knew she was in big trouble. But Lexy poped over the window and dropped a note that said:SAY I"M JUST HANGING AROUND TILL TEN. Till ten o"clock she gasped she had always wanted to stay up till then.So she said just that.She also said that she would like too have Lexy to play.When Mrs jones said NO Penny was disappointed.But Lexy let a rope fall down and tied the other end to her bed. Then Lexy put heaps of stuff on top of her bed so that Penny won't fall when she climbed up.Then Lexy got their adventure stuff out. But then Penny noticed something different. A book and our adventure kit called "surprise". "Let's look in it!" Of course there were no words and soon Lexy got bored and started to jump around. As soon as she did, the book did too. Lexy tripped over it and went inside. Penny jumped in after her. Being lost in a book was not an easy job, but they soon found a turtle busking in the sun. The turtle wore a sunbonnet and was quite relax. "What do you want?" asked the turtle politely. "We're lost", replied Penny. "Just travel to the next page", said the turtle. Lexy's face glistened with excitement. They were going for an adventure and  Penny looked worried. But the turtle carried on sun bathing on the rocks. Penny grinned, " imagine vegetables at the beach!" Lexy cracked up. Soon the girls entered a glommy, dark, cloudy sky. Penny shivered. But Lexy found some ski's. She picked them up. And started skiing up the hill. When she reached the top of the hill she was out of breath. Penny climbed a rockery. Penny and I always do everything together. Lexy was worried. " Will they ever get to be together again or does Penny think it's time to separate?"

Chapter Two

Penny found an elf crying, Penny's heart softened and her heart missed two heart beats," an elf?". Penny was really curious. The elf said that at Sunshine Blooms there's a huge diamond that helps anyone that needs help. But Glen a bad tempered goblin and his other mates had stolen it. They made it to be their servant. "But why are you crying," said Lexy who had got her socks wet and didn't want to ski anymore. "you see, Glen said he was going to feed me to the fire breathing dragon." "How?", asked Penny. "tie me to a post", said the elf, and pointed to a post that said......."DRAGON FEEDING POST"! Suddenly the dragon came. "Glen tricked you", cried Lexy. The elf's name was Clicksten. He brought out a lemon and gave it to Penny, "peel it quick", he said. Penny did, and soon the smell came and took away the dragons fire and gave it to Penny. "Don't breath from your mouth, you only get a few breaths of fire". Lexy threw a tantrum, so Clicksten said she could have the next power. Then a unicorn came running towards them. Clicksten told Lexy to go infront of a tree. Lext did as she was told while Peeny and Clicksten hid. The unicorn came towards Lexy. Lexy wanted to do as she was told and stay infront of the tree, but she was so frightened that she shivered. "Now I have no powers", sobbed Lexy. "Oh yes you do", said Clicksten. "The unicorn is stuck, because of his horn, and is giving the tree his magic, and you're standing on the roots". "So it gives you the magic". Clicksten said she had th power of running fast and disappearing. "Don't run or your power will run out. Don't touch anything with your hands, or your disappearing magic will run out". Soon they came to a cave. Penny killled all the goblins with her fire. "One more person", said Clicksten. " The goblin king"! Lexy got the diamond and disappeared. Clicksten thanked Penny and Lexy and returned home with the diamond. He gave a small statue made of gold, that was a goblin to Penny and a ring around a chain that could grant two wishes to Lexy. Clicksten said to say these words and they will return home. "I HAVE DONE A GOOD DEED".

'Breakfast time", called Mrs Jones in the morning. " What an adventure", said Lexy, putting the book away.



The End

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