Old Ranger didn't much care for the new cat that was going to be staying at the farm for two weeks. He was fat, he was playful, he was cute, and he was mostly orange.

Humans think that dogs and cats are colourblind, but they aren't, and Ranger didn't like orange. It offended him. Cats should be black, or white, grey, sandy, or a combination thereof. To Ranger, orange was just... wrong.

Ranger tried to get Kalico to chase the stranger away. He was too old and too lazy to chase anything away himself.  Besides, He'd had his nose scratched and ears bitten  by strange cats before.  He  didn't want to take any chances.

Kalico hadn't decided whether he liked the visitor or not. His name was Simba and he purred all the time. Kalico purred all the time too, Maine Coon cats tend to purr a lot. 

Simba had been given his own food and water dish, so he didn't bother  with Kalico's  food. Still he was another male, and  he didn't  know if he wanted to share his living space with a male. He liked female cats much better.

Also, there was the thing about the mice. Simba played with them, but didn't eat  them. Sometimes he brought them into the house to show off. As if the regal McKool wanted a mouse to play with!  This Simba cat better watch himself, or McKool might have to chase him away after all.

The End

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