The Adventures of Kalico McKool, Maine Coon Cat

Kalico McKool is a hip cat who prowls the nooks and crannies of the MacKenzie Farm, attempting to solve the many mysteries of life in this remarkably complicated little realm.

MacKenzie Farm is owned by the ninth generation of MacKenzies,  well-mannered folks, well-respected by the landed gentry who have kept this portion of the countryside, well-tended and well-kept for well over two centuries.  The MacKenzies keep their hours and do their chores and pay their help.  They go to town to buy their groceries and attend the Church on Sunday mornings.  They wake before sunrise and read poems by Frost and Tennyson before they slip off to sleep in feathered beds. 

And while all this is going on, day after day, and year after year, another realm of souls goes about the work of creating time.  One of those souls is Kalico McKool, a Maine Coon cat who born in the the last stall of the stable, to a lady named Her Highness, fathered by Big Tom, a Maine Coon cat that died after being kicked by a Clydesdale horse.  The horse was named Prince, and to be honest, he didn't care much for Big Tom.  In fact, he didn't care much for any of the cats that kept the mouse population at bay.  Kalico McKool had never eaten a mouse.  He drank milk, and lived on cheese and stolen sausages.

Today, Kalico McKool had a meeting with old Ranger, the old Airdale that got left here by some Gypsies who rolled through one Sunday afternoon in July, twelve years ago.

The End

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