The Adventures Of Jack FlintMature


    Tammy Harrison, that's her name, the only girl that I ever loved, the only thing that I ever loved, or even really cared about for that matter. The only other thing I ever had any kind of interest in at all was mechanics and cars.  I only got into that stuff because Tammy's dad was a car mechanic. Although ironically it turned out later that Tammy hated anything to do with cars because of her dad. But I stuck with it anyways, I always felt kind of a weird connection with it, like I needed to learn about it, and I knew I'd have to make money somehow one day, so I figured it might as well be in mechanics.
    I've known Tammy my whole life, she lived next door to me, and on the other side lived Henry Rikton, the three of us used to play together all the time as kids, even as babies. My mom and dad always told me that they could see Tammy and I were infatuated with each other right from the beginning, and I'm sure that's true but it wasn't until the 4th grade when we began to get close on a romantic level.

    One day after school me, Tammy, and Henry were hanging out in Henry's brother's tree fort like we usually would. Only this time was much different then any of the others. It was also the last time we all hung out there again. We were all sitting up there working on our stories for school when Henry  lifted up a loose panel from the floor, pulled out a porn magazine and said
"Hey guys look what I found!"
 Jack "what is that?"
Tammy "It looks funny."
Henry "I dunno but it makes you feel funny looking at it."

    He then proceeded to place the magazine in front of us and started turning the pages as we all stared at the pictures and realized what they were, after he got through about 5 pages Tammy leaned into me and put her hand on my leg. Henry saw that and once he did he closed the book and put it away.
"My brother will kill us if he catches us looking at that." He said. He never really looked me straight in the eyes after that. We started to go back to our stories but before we had the chance Henry said
"You guys better go now, my Grandparents are coming over soon and I have to be inside.” So me and Tammy left, and I walked Tammy home as I usually would but this time on the way she stopped at the sidewalk beside her house, she stood really close to me and was just looking in my eyes then I said " uh.. um... will you be my gi.irlfri..." Before I could finish she leaned in and kissed me. The next day Henry completely avoided us at school, he had a separate class so it was easy for him, we tried going to the tree fort, but Henry never showed up. We waited a bit for him but then his older brother came up the ladder with a baseball bat and yelled " Get the fuck out of here you little shits!" So needless to say we left and we never went back to that tree fort, we never heard another peep out of Henry  either, or I didn't at least. Tammy would occasionally mention speaking to him, he seemed like he was always in a rush she would say, she heard he moved away just a few months after the whole thing, but she didn't hear where.

    Tammy and I became inseparable, through high school when we didn't have the same class we would always meet up right after, I would always walk her home after school or to my house and would hang out together the rest of the day until our parents kicked the other one out. Every morning I met her at her house and we would walk to school together. Basically we never left each others sight unless we had to.  In high school I stuck with mechanics by taking auto shop I would also help out in Tammy's father's garage on weekends, Tammy would hang out with me there while she did her home work or sometimes went shopping at the mall down the street. She got interested in business and marketing and she went on to Yakblec university in Destiny city to pursue it.  And I went to Wistrane College for my mechanics which was not only in Destiny but it was very close to Tammy's school we lived in an apartment together between the schools.

    During our first year of living there I proposed to her and she said yes, we waited till after we both graduated before the wedding. Tammy went into a marketing position for "What's your Destiny" magazine it was the top selling magazine in all of Destiny and Tammy was responsible for marketing it. Where as I eventually opened up my own garage after working in Tammy's dads for a while, and was quite successful, I called it "Flint Starters Garage" it was Tammy's idea she's so good with that stuff. So with both of us doing so well in our careers it wasn't long before we had enough money to buy our own house in Destiny.

    We were living a great happy and successful life. But about two years ago I started having these strange vivid dreams where I was back in the 4th grade but I was still an adult just standing in the distance watching me, Tammy, and Henry playing as kids. And Tammy would tell me that I was sleep walking, but that wasn't all. Apparently I would go to the garage and start working on this old car that hadn't worked for years it didn't even have wheels, Tammy just assumed that I had been fixing the car up in my sleep. But when I would go to check it in the morning I realized that wasn't the case, because whatever I had been doing to it wouldn't help the car run, or anything like that, I didn't even know what the hell I had been doing with it. The craftsmanship and wiring was so complex it looked out of this world, I continued having these dreams and adding to the car in my sleep for about 3 months and on the last day that I can remember having the dream I looked at the car, it was all built up with weird lights around it with a big digital clock added to the steering wheel with new and different buttons all over the dash, it still didn't have any wheels but I had a feeling that it was complete anyways. None of the buttons were labelled but I could tell by instinct what they all did, I started changing the date and time on the clock to 4 months ago and as I was doing this I realized what this was from a little voice inside my head, the same voice that told me how to use it. This was a time machine.

    I knew all I had to do was hit the gas pedal to activate it so I did and it just flicked down like a light switch, everything in the car turned pitch black and through the windows all I could see was bright flashing lights for about 5 seconds then it stopped and I was still just sitting in the garage, so I got out and walked into the house, after I closed the door I heard Tammy say
"What was that!?"
Then I heard my own voice
"I don't know." As I heard my self get out of my kitchen chair and start walking towards me. I started to panic and ran back into the garage, jumped in the Machine and hit the brake pedal, then the gas pedal snapped back up and it went black in the car with the lights outside again for 5 seconds then stopped.

    I got out of the machine and went straight into the house to tell her what happened, at first she didn't believe me but after she saw how serious I was she started to wonder, so she asked if she could use it, but when I brought her out there I realized it only had room for one. There was all kinds of strange machinery taking up the other space. So she said " Well, why don't you just teach me how to use it myself?"
Then I said " I don't even know that's the thing, I just do it."
"What?? come on this is ridiculous." she said impatiently.
"No I'm serious! Like I know the gas pedal activates it, and the brake pedal brings you right back to where you came from, all these buttons on the dash control where you go but I don't know what any of them are exactly I just think about where I want to go and like I just do it I cant explain it." I tried to explain
"well why don't you just go in set the time for me, then I'll go in and hit the gas pedal?" she suggested
"You know that's not a bad idea I'll do that, where do you want to go?"
"I don't care.... four months ago like you did it doesn't matter." she said sceptically, so I got in the machine and set the date for four months ago but when I tried to get out the door wouldn't open, I yelled to her..
"The door wont open!!"
"I said the door wont open!! It must lock automatically once I change the date!!!"
"what!!!!???" she yelled, I hit the brake pedal, everything erased to present time and I got out.
"The door must have locked after I pushed the buttons."
"Well can you remember what you pushed?"
"No and I tried but once I'm done hitting them I get a complete blank, cant you look through the window to see which ones I pushed?"
"I cant. Once you hit the first button it went all dark in there I could barely see anything I could hardly hear you at all too."
" Does this mean you believe me?"
"I don't know, it seems pretty convenient that there's no possible way for me to use it."
"Hey I don't know anything about it I just built it in my sleep maybe no one else is suppose to be able to use it I don't know, I don't know how the hell this is even possible"
"Yeah well I'm not so sure it is to be honest, I mean seriously are you o.k. hunny?"
"Wait what if I go through time while you watch, will that prove it to you?"
"But you'll just come back to the time you left, it wont look like anything happened to me"
"Damnit your right..." I stopped to think for a for a few seconds. "Ok remember when I accidentally broke that really nice vase of yours after we got drunk at David and Dianne's Christmas party last year?"
"MMHMMM!! OH! is it in there? did u fix it or something!??"
"No go ahead and look. But I can go back to before I broke it  and bring it back here" I said as she thoroughly inspected the machine to see if the vase was in there.
"Ok if this is really a working time machine then go and bring me my vase back." She demanded.
"It wont even take a second." I said confidently.
    I went into the machine and set the time for last year while we would have still been at the party then hit the gas pedal. Once I was there I got out of the machine, walked into the house, grabbed the vase, walked back to the machine, and hit the brake pedal. When I got out Tammy wasn't there, I walked into the house and shouted.
"Oh Tammy! look what I have!!"  She came running over, saw the vase and gasped.
"Oh my god where did u find that!???"
"W.. what do you m..."
"I thought that went missing last year someone stole it or something!!" she said as she took the vase and started looking at it in disbelief.
"No...." at this point I realized what happened, by taking the vase I no longer broke it so instead of us getting in a fight about me breaking it, we just had a discussion on what could of happened to it and for some reason We never had the conversation in the garage about the Time machine, I guess because it would have no possible end.
"Yeah I uh saw it at a flea market last weekend..... and... I got up early to go get it today and surprise you..?"
"Well... I'm speechless this is amazing its actually the exact same vase, how the hell did it end up at a flea market?"
"Pshh.... I have no idea they said some guy sold it to them, the bastard must of stole it from us."
"That's crazy, at least we got it back though" she believed the whole story I guess she didn't really have a choice, It felt horrible having to lie to her like that I never lied to her once in my life until that day but I felt it was best to keep this thing a secret from everyone. I then understood why it was built so that only I could use it.
    Just looking at how significant the changes were for something as tiny as bringing back a vase, there was no telling the possible dangers and consequences this machine could create, I realized I must not treat it like a toy for my own personal amusement. It was obvious that this was built for me for some kind of reason and until I knew what that reason was I would not use it. I went back into the garage and took the key out from the ignition slot of the Time machine. Once I did that everything shut down, the clock, the lights, everything. I didn't even have to turn the key it was already in the off position.  I knew that I should hide the key somewhere where no one will be able to find it. So I put it inside a small wooded box and lifted up part of the carpet in the bedroom, then ripped out one of the floor boards and placed the box in the hole, then I put everything back the way it was.

    Two years went by before I had any reason to use it, I'd almost forgot about it even, until one night when Tammy had to go to her office Christmas party. Normally I would have gone with her but I was way behind in the shop so I had to stay and work late, I never really liked those parties anyways I always felt uncomfortable. I got home that night after 11 and Tammy still wasn't back from the party I was a little worried but I figured the party was just going on later then expected. Until about 45 minutes later when the phone rang, I answered.
"Get to the pay phone at the corner of Silver and Wentworth in less then two minutes!" A mysterious deep and scratchy voice answered sharply.
"Who the hell is this!!??"
"Listen you can stay here and ask me all the questions you want but if you value your wife's life then I SUGGEST! you get to that pay phone FAST! your down to a minute and a half.."
    Before the bastard could even finish his sentence I dropped the phone and ran as quickly as I could to the car. I sped my ass off to the pay phone running several red lights, cutting everyone off, I almost got in 3 head on crashes from driving in the wrong lane to avoid traffic and I even dinged 2 cars, but I made it there in just over a minute. I parked askew  half on the side walk, jumped out of my car, ran to the phone and picked it up as it was ringing, before I could even think about saying anything he started talking.
"Ooohoohoo cutting it close aren't we?"
"What the fuck do you want!!?"
"I want you to get to the middle pay phone outside the east entrance of The Destiny Mall in less then 4 minutes!" I hung up immediately and was on my way. But that mall was all the way across town, I knew there was no possible way I could make it there on time by driving I had to get creative, I could see the city train stop at a station just up the road, that train went right to the mall I knew it was my only chance so I ran toward it as fast as I possibly could, no I was actually going faster then I possibly could. As I neared the train it began to take off so I ran and grabbed onto the back. I rode on the back of the train until it reached a hill overlooking the east entrance of the mall so I jumped off and rolled violently down the hill and ran like a maniac towards the pay phone, I could feel nothing but sharp pain throughout my whole body as I ran but that didn't even matter to me. Just as I was coming up to the pay phone I saw some stupid punk kid walk up and answer the phone, he must of been talking for a bit before I could get there. I ran up and tackled him away from the phone as I grabbed the receiver and  said "Hello!!!" as I was completely out of breath.
"Oh I'm sorry that little kid just cost you Tammy's life" the voice said before I heard my wife yell a horrific violent scream after what sounded like him stabbing her, that's what I assumed at least. He put the phone up to her during her last dying breaths.
"J...Jaa...ckk I......." Is all I heard her say before he hung up the phone, I dropped the phone and just stood and stared in shock and disbelief, when the teenager approached me.
"Yo man what the FUCKS your problem!!!?" I gave him a look of pure madness and rage.
"YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!" I grabbed the receiver and smashed it over his face knocking him to the ground then I got down and started punching him in the face alternating my hands, over and over again until he was nearly beaten to death, with a broken nose, jaw, and blood all over his face. I stopped... and blinked my way out of madness as I watched all these people standing around staring at me. I remembered about the time machine.
I ran away as fast as I could before any cops showed up and I eventually made my way back to my house, when I ran up to the bedroom, ripped up the carpet and the floor board, and grabbed the key to the time machine.

    I went down to the garage and entered the time machine, I set the time  to before Tammy  would of left for the party and I would still be at work. I figured if I went to the party with Tammy I could make sure that nothing happened to her and hopefully catch that sick bastard in the act. I activated the time machine and got out to tell Tammy I was ahead of schedule at work and decided to join her at the party. I also told her that I let my trusty employee George Cramburt borrow my car because he had a hot date, so we would have to take her car. She thought that to be pretty unusual as I've always been pretty protective of my car, but she was just happy that I was going with her. I didn't feel too bad about lying to her that time as my mind was set on saving her life and finding the son of a bitch responsible. I new there was no way she would believe the truth and this was all for her own good.

    We went to the party and for the first hour or so nothing unusual happened, I was beginning to think it might of happened after the party but I wasn't about to let my guard down. Tammy thought I was acting especially weird even for her office Christmas party so she was drinking a bit more then she normally would have, it wasn't long before she had to go to the bathroom and I stood by the door like a security guard. Everyone was looking at me very strange just as I was looking at them wondering if one of them is responsible. I waited at the door for about 15 minutes when I started to get really worried, so I walked right in to check on her, only there was no one inside and the window had been smashed out of its frame.
    I climbed out the window hoping to see them but I was too late there was no one in sight. I figured my best bet was to go home and wait for the phone call, only this time I had a plan.
    When I got home the phone was already ringing, I quickly answered.
“Who is this!!”
“Never mind that Jack ass! if you ever want to see your sexy little wife again then it would be in your best interest to get to the pay phone at Silver and Wentworth in less then two minutes.” said the same mysterious voice as before.
“Where the hell are you?”
“Listen you can stay here and ask me all the questions you want bu...”
“Then that’s what I’ll do asshole! Now where the fuck are you!?”
“Oh so your calling the shots now huh? fine if you want to trade you wife's life to find out where I am then be my guest fuck face the address is 392  Yentong avenue, you'll forgive me if I’m not here when u get there but don't worry your lovely wife will be waiting, ever so patiently!” I heard the stabbing noise again followed by Tammy’s screams, I hung up before it was over and without wasting any time I went straight to the time machine and went back 2 days before the whole incident. Both Tammy and I were home at the time so I grabbed a crowbar from the garage and took my car to the address that the maniac gave me.

    I parked the car just down the street and proceeded towards the house with caution, as I walked onto the property I spotted 4 surveillance cameras scattered around, I walked up to the door and tried to open it, it was locked so I ripped out the door knob with the crowbar and kicked the door open. There was a faintly recognizable man waiting on the other side holding a bat, he said.

“The police are on their way chump!” I recognized his voice from the phone I was certain it was him, I then replied.
“Good for them!” I smashed the sharp curled end of the crowbar right into the side of his skull killing him. I checked his pants to find his wallet to see if I knew him at all. When I looked at his ID, the name made my heart sink like a rock: HENRY RIKTON.  I sat and stared at it in shock for a few moments, until everything became perfectly clear to me, the dreams, the Time machine, I knew exactly what I had to do next. I started to hear police sirens heading this way. I ran out of the house and towards my car as fast as I could. I drove all the way back to my house with the police chasing me at intensely high speeds. I jumped out of the car and ran straight to the Machine with the cops chasing me and shooting at me, I set the time to way back when I was in the fourth grade and activated it.

    I got out of the Machine to find myself in the same garage owned by different people, I found a sharp knife on a bench and I put it in my pocket. I headed towards Henry’s old house I saw him, Tammy, and I sitting in the tree fort while I watched from a safe distance. As I was watching I noticed that it was that special day that brought me to where I am now, as I saw Henry pull out the porno. I must of just set the date by instinct cause I didn't remember it. I thought I would wait for me and Tammy to leave,  then I would have the perfect opportunity to make my move while Henry was still in the tree fort, but just as I was thinking that I heard a familiar voice.
“Who the fuck are you!!!” It was Henry’s older brother holding a baseball bat standing right behind me. I quickly turned around and grabbed hold of the bat with one hand and punched him in the face with my other, causing him to let go of the bat then I tapped him in the head with the bat just hard enough to knock him unconscious. I looked back and saw Me and Tammy walking towards our old houses, I looked at the tree fort but Henry wasn't there, then I heard his voice.
“Oh my god Jessie!!! what have you done to my brother!?” he cried as he came reasonably close to me while still keeping a bit of a safe distance.
“Come here you sick little fuck!” I said as I ran up to him and picked him up from around the waist holding him sideways at my side with one arm and covering his mouth with my other hand, I ran with him into the nearby forest that eventually lead to a high drop off into a huge lake that was so polluted nobody was allowed to swim in, I ran with him until I got to the drop off then I grabbed him by the neck and held him over the edge.
“ I just want you to know that you did this to yourself you sick fuck!” Without hesitating I gathered all the rage I had from hearing Tammy die, I pulled out my knife and jammed it straight into his black little heart and threw him off the edge with the knife still in his chest.

    Just then an image came into my head like an old disturbed childhood memory. It was Henry’s face on the back of a milk carton...

The End

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