The Adventures of Drew Levins

The Adventures of Drew Levins is a story about a man and his crew who come across a pirate ship. He then finds a map to the lost floating islands.
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Chapter 1

“Thief help thief Guards help” I ran throw the huge Market snatching people's money trying to get the Guards attention.running in an open area I draw my plasma sword. “come on now let have a duel.” Never caring for anyone but, my friends because they are my only family now. my friends are all I in this slow world. living in the junkyard with them is not the best but we all get new toys now and then. when I got to the junkyard James was there scraping parts of abandoned fighter airships with Eava in the yard. “hello Drew ” as James wipes his hands of grease. “good day James how it going.” I shook his hand “good I have some gold for new parts and tools for you Guys.” He was thankful.I went inside the shack and put the money on the table. I then went went to my study put my pistol on my desk. Arthur standing in front of me said “James we got some new guns working we are now up to four heavies and six lights.” I smiled good I will check in with with Eava. she arrived when I was cleaning my laser rifle, “how it going on the steam engine?” she replied “well we will be fully operational tomorrow morning.” she left and I went thru my my weapons chest and holster my training sword. I went outside to practice swordsmanship with Arthur before nightfall. Arthur was excited for our first score. He was ready to take down a ship, I could see it in his eyes The next day I awoke to the sound of engines starting up. “she has done it is repaired the engine”, we just need a primary gas chamber to attach to the ship and we are operational. I started up my bike and went to the black market. I arrived and went down the a flight of stairs. A mid-size vault door open my and I walk thru, looking for cheap helium gas tanks and a gas chamber. I came across a man who was willing to sell me a chamber for 8,375 and 3 extra large full tanks for 4,923 caps. It was a steal. he deliver it to the junkyard that day. Eava and James put on the Gas chamber and connected the Tanks too. we filled up the steam engine and started her up. all that was left was for Arthur to recruit some of his Mates to man the artillery. We were all set for our flight. “what you going to name her boss” I walk outside of the shack to get a good view of the ship “The Jackdaw!” I turn “Eava, James release the anchor we are sailing.”  I was on deck and in air “here we go boys.” ounces reach altitude we took off to sea looking for small transport ship just off the coast was a pirate ship going down and we set off for it. The ship was shot down By an elite guard ship. The Guard ship took off and we board the ship I swung with James. James was take out men left and right. I fought our way to the the deck with James by my side the captain was in there gathering books and maps James shot him in the leg. “what is this where does this map lead to?” I shoot him again “Answer Me!” He did not say anything but laughed. I stabbed him in the chest and left him to die. I swung back across, back to the Jackdaw. Will In my Quarters the man scavenged the ship me and James went thru the books we found. The map leads to the Lost Floating Islands.

The End

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