Status Report (Part 2)Mature

Sage looked troubled, and, well, she should be. Drakmor and the Jackdaw had been to several dimensions over the last few months and they had seem some amazing places. Mostly, it was slight varients of a few 'prime' dimensions like Sage's Emperical Dimension, or Drakmor's Genesis, but they had come across a few that were completely unique, their branching point so far back that the entire world was different.

Zero Zalazor, the man Drakmor had come to trust as his first mate, was from one such dimension. His was a world with a strange power source they called magic was abundant. Zero himself was a powerful wielder of the magic, but decided to come along for the ride. For some reason, the power he had no longer worked when they left his dimension, though.

If this world had some unique power like that allowing them to terraform planets, then they might try to travel between dimensions like the Jackdaw did. That could end up killing the ones who attempted it, or unleashing the equivalent of pirates to the less technologically advanced dimensions.

Then again, maybe this British Empire wasn't going to do anything like that. Drakmor could only hope.

This could be better than it seems, Kara,” Drakmor said slowly, thinking of every possible outcome he could.

Captain,” Kara said with a concerned voice, “That wasn't the bad news.”

Then what is the bad news?” Sage asked, trying not to seem concerned. Had Drakmor not known her for so long, she might have fooled him.

According to their laws,” Kara explained, “Everything from food to machines belongs to the Empire. Regular people own nothing, though they are taken care of. This includes everything in their claimed lands and territories.”

Drakmor groaned. “I'm guessing they think they own this ship, huh?”

Aye, Captain.”

Well then,” Sage stated as if she was some sort of warrior, “Let us see if we can remedy that belief.” And then she leaned forward and placed her foot on the ground. Seemingly like she caused it, the Grav-Drive came online at that precise moment, leaving the Empress standing and Drakmor on his face.

You did that on purpose, Sage.” Falling on your face is not a good feeling, cyborg or not.

She smiled, looking mischievous and triumphant. “Consequences of putting holes in my ship.”

Drakmor glanced at the wall he had tore down and the holes his fingers had made climbing. Amazing that women – Drakmor assumed Sage had Helen help her with the timing and Kara had burst out laughing from her end – could find humor in the worst situations. Drakmor stood and brushed off his ragged trousers.

Ignoring the damages to my ship,” Drakmor said, “ We need to greet the people that are probably making their way here as we speak.”

Sage nodded and walked out of the lounge room, expecting Drakmor to follow her. He did, but only because he wanted to. No woman was going to lead him by the nose again.



They arrived at the cockpit and found Helen sitting in one of the empty chairs beside Montague and Jaed. Kara had left to relieve herself and the other members were checking damaged in different parts of the ship.

Well, I might need a bit of a breather after that,” Helen said, purposely crossing her legs and leaning forward to expose obvious cleavage. “Care to help me, Captain?”

Sage glared at Drakmor, though he obviously was innocent. “What's the damage, Helen.”

The blonde woman sighed and muttered something about no fun. “Same as before the crash. Thanks to that hard tip the Jackdaw has” - Sage turned her glare to Helen - “we managed to get by with minimum damage. I could make her ready to fly in a week or so.”

Thanks, He-”

Hold on, darling,” Helen said, standing up and walking toward Drakmor. She slid past him, but not before making a grab he barely had time to dodge, and sat at his seat. “The hull is still heavily damaged. We need to patch it or else the Jackdaw will break up in between dimension. I don't think that's something I even want to be exposed between.”

The sex puns were way past annoying, but Helen was by far the best mechanic seen in Sage's home dimension. Sage would have killed her – like she was probably wanting to now – otherwise. Still, it was good to have someone who knew their stuff.

Well, start working on the engines. Grab whoever you want out of the Bunker and get them to help.” Drakmor moved to take Helen's place at his seat as the woman left.

She seriously pisses me off,” Sage whispered, “Strutting around nearly naked and trying to seduce everyone and everything.”

Drakmor glance at Helen as she walked down the hallway leading to the Bunker. He was surprised – and to be perfectly honest; excited – to see some of Helen's clothes were see through. He shook his head and focused on the screen in front of him. Sage was already mad enough. “Helen has seduced most every guy on the ship. She has a problem, for sure, but don't forget that we need her.”

The sound of grinding teeth was almost audible. “What's our next step, Captain?” From Sage's voice, the use of the word captain was essentially vocal venom.

I need to contact Asher and see how many I can take to meet with the British Empire. They might let us go and help us if I can talk to them.”

And if they want to travel through dimensions and decide taking this ship is the best way?” Sage asked him, not trying to hide her voice any more. Jaed, Montague, and Kara, who had returned a moment before, all turned to look at Drakmor.

He smiled grimly. “Then we will show them the might of the Galven Empire!”

All three of them cheered, though Sage and Drakmor remained quiet. They had been in situations like this before and it had always ended badly. The first Jackdaw crashing. Their old captain – Leopold Briar – dying. And even the loss of thousands of trusted soldiers and companions.

The ominous feeling hung in the air. 

The End

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