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Drakmor groaned as several of his ribs realigned themselves with the help of his nanobots. Damn things never dulled pain, but they were supposed to be 'the heights of technology.' Drakmore was glad his creator was dead, else he might go find him and kill him again. Then again, if this version of Earth was similar to his own, he might get that chance. 

He groaned again as he stood. He was in a hallway and one he had passed running from the dents spread down the walls both ways. Thanks to the Jackdaws size, it wasn't hard to imagine he was probably a few hundred feet from where he had been during the crash. And it didn't help that, without the Grav-Drive, the ship was standing on it's nose. That would be why Drakmor currently was looking up to see the lounge he had 'fell' from. 

Had it been anyone else, there would be no way to get to Sage to see if she was alright, but Drakmor was the Steelcrusher. Thanks to his body, all he had to do was dig his enhanced hand and mechanical one into the ground and climb. And climb he did. 

Sage better be grateful for him.


Drakmor stopped and let go of the 'ground' with his regular - well as regular as he got - arm and pulled out his radio. Jaed's face appeared. From the way her black hair hung toward the screen, he guessed she was still in the cockpit. It was made similar to the bunker, but he was still glad to see her doing good. 

"Glad to see you're ok, Jaed," Drakmor said, "How many casualties?"

Jaed stared at him for a moment,then smiled lightly. "It's a miracle, captain," she said, looking at her screen probably, "Everyone still lives, though some have seen better days. Thanks to the Empress, Asher, and you, this has become a great silver lining in the clouds."

Drakmor sighed in relief. He was worried he would lose half people aboard, maybe even some of his key members, but he had managed to lose none. He would have to apologize to Sage, though. From the way Jaed said it, Sage had saved more than Asher and Drakmor combined. 

"Try to get in touch with Helen and get the Grav-Drive repaired," Drakmor said to Jaed, "And see if you and Montague can asses the Jackdaw's damage in full. We probably have a lot of attention right now and I'd rather be out of here before they can decide what to do."

"Yes, Captain, I agree." Jaed's face winked out and Drakmor stored the radio. 

"Some luck we have," he muttered, then continued his climb. 

Being a cyborg with a habit of never dying seemed like a dream to some people, but Drakmor was reminded each day how much he hated it. Even now his hand hurt every time it bit into the metal of the floor - though his skin adapted to become harder and take the force. His head pounded from over exerting his body earlier, too. The damn pain was always there somewhere and Drakmor hated it. 

He also hated not being able to die.

How many times had he tried killing himself before meeting Sage? Strangulation, starvation, burning, drowning, attempted beheading, electrocution, and even jumping into an active volcano had proven useless. In fact it had the opposite effect! His skin was resistant to the elements now, his body no longer needed oxygen or sustenance, and he could actually turn electrical currents into power for his mechanical arm. 

Too much power for one man, Drakmor thought. But at least it allowed him to help the ones he called allies. 

Drakmor made it to the lounge room and found the couch still covered in the metal wall he had pulled over it. The only difference, other than everything either fallen against the wall or out the door, was Sage sitting on the end of the steel, watching him. From the looks of it, she had cut her way through the seat and took her usual 'I don't need your help' posture. 

"Couldn't wait?" Drakmor asked, pulling himself into the room and sitting on a wall. 

Sage looked at him with a slight hint of concern. "You were out for almost ten minutes," she said calmly, not a hint of authority in her voice, "I was actually starting to worry."

Worry? Drakmor was the last one anyone needed to worry about. He was about to tell Sage that too, but was interrupted by his radio beeping. Hopefully it was Helen with news about the Grav-Drive. He had had enough climbing already. 

Kara's young face came up instead. "Captain, I've found the Branching Point."

Well, that was some good news. Maybe they could figure out how to handle the locals now. "Alright, when is it?"

"This world is a Genesis type, Captain, like your home world," Kala said as she pushed her hair back behind her ear. With the ship facing down, it was a useless motion, as her hair just returned to her face. "The Branching Point is in the early 1900's. To summarize, a world power called the British Empire gained massive power and took over everything by the year 1978. Now, the world - and the universe by their laws - belongs to the British Empire's Court of Saints."

Drakmor rubbed his chin, finding some stubble coming through. "So, it's just like my home, but with the UK in control of everything." It was almost a joke. His world had the British Empire dissolving and turning into the United Kingdoms, and it was far from the strongest or largest nation. "Maybe we can get a spot of tea."

Kara didn't get the joke, but smiled a little anyway. "There is some bad news."

Sage chose that moment to perk up. "What would that be, Miss Shador?"

"Your Highness?" Drakmor turned the radio so Kara could see Sage. "I'm glad you're safe!"

"Thank you," Sage replied, smiling at the young girl, "Now, what bad news would you have?" Drakmor hated being the odd man out of a conversation, but he was more curious about Kara's report than he was concerned with his dislikes. 

"The British Empire controls several colonies on the Moon, Aster - or Mars, as it's called in this dimension-, and one large one on some planet called Venus. I can only assume-"

"They know how to terraform planets!?" Drakmor shouted, interrupting the girl. "Sage, this is bad! I was wondering how they detected us so far from Earth - much less shot at us! - but this means they have much higher technology than even your empire!"

The End

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