Crash (Part 3)Mature

She had stripped off the dress she was wearing to reveal a dark leather suit made for combat. Despite being almost 30, Sage still looked no older than twenty. And she was still doing dangerous things, too, dammit!

"Sage, what are you doing!?"

She glared at him. "Getting people to safety! What else?"

"They are already safe! Dammit, how stupid are you to endanger yourself!?" Drakmor yelled back. "I thought you grew out of this!"

"Shut up, Drakmor," she snapped, "I'll save my people if I want. I already got most of them into the Bunker before you even woke up! Who's better now?"

Drakmor groaned. This woman was too headstrong, but she had probably done more than he had this time. 

The Jackdaw groaned and vibrated violently. "The atmosphere!"

Sage looked around, trying to find a place to brace herself probably. "Drakmor!" She pointed to a lounge. It had a large sofa, too. 

Drakmor nodded. "I'll get us some support, lie down and wait."

Sage took position on the couch, laying down. Drakmor smiled. "This reminds me of when-"

"Remember later!" Sage snapped, "I'd like to live."

A sigh escaped Drakmor despite the situation. "Think about that before you put yourself in danger!" 

With a leap, Drakmor punch the wall behind the couch, creating a hole. He did this several times until he could bend the steel downward over the couch. It took only a few seconds, but it was more than enough to be dangerous. Drakmor covered Sage and bent it tightly into position just as the monitor on the wall showed the Jackdaw about to make contact with what looked like the Rocky Mountains. 

This was going to hurt... 

Everything heaved and Drakmor felt like a child's toy as he flew through the air. The Bunker was made to absorb vibrations and buffer any kind of crash, but Drakmor wondered if they would be all right...

... before he lost consciousness.


Leopold Briar groaned as he woke up, trying and failing to sit up. His head felt like it was laced with pain, but he knew it was just his hangover. He had, once again, overdone it and accepted May's dare. The man knew Leopold was a better drinker, but he was after making Leopold pay. After all, what better revenge for making Captain than making Leopold regret waking up?

Damn May, and damn Maze for recommending Leopold as Captain! This new ship better be worth it. At least they were letting him name it. He would have to think of a good one. 

The aged man got out of bed, despite his body - mainly his head - protesting and made some coffee. With a command, his tv came on and the news started up. The woman who was speaking seemed familiar, but Leopold couldn't put a finger on it. Her name was Dina Agaue, an odd name, and she didn't ring any bells. Oh well. 

A ringing announced someone calling him.

Leopold sighed. "Who's calling?" he said to his house's AI. 

"A Mr. Austin White, Captain," Rose said.

"Not you, too," Leopold muttered. "Alright, send him through."

"Leopold? Captain Leopold Briar?" a voice said over the intercom. It sounded younger than he imagined.


"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," White said, "I wish we could have met in person, but... things are a bit interesting right now." White cleared his throat. "Anyway, my name is Austin Brair, CEO of the British Empire Space Program." 

"That explains why you can't meet in person, I suppose," Leopold said. "How is the Mars Colony."

"Well, thankfully, though I'm currently on my way to Earth, which is why I am talking to you. I hear you're the best at commanding a ship."

"Hearsay, but I do pride myself on running a smooth ship. Why?"

"We may have need of your talents soon, Captain." Leopold would have been annoyed at being called captain if not for his interest in what the CEO of the BESP meant. "Have you seen the news?"

Jackdaw walked over to his tv, turning up the volume with a command. "Watching it n-"

On the screen, a massive structure came into view. For the untrained, it looked like a angled tower, but to Leopold... He saw a space ship of unfamiliar design, stretching into the sky for at least... a few miles? The intricate designs he saw spoke leagues of the engineers who made this... 

"A space ship? Aliens?"

White laughed. "God, no! We mapped the Universe twenty years ago with the Queen's Eye. This is proof of Professor V's theories. I want you to pilot this gift once we can commandeer it. Sound good?"

Leopold's breath caught. Not because of White's offer, though. It was because he could make out the words on the side of the ship. They were in the Universal language. 

Jackdaw VII.

His old ship had been called the Jackdaw. 

The End

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