Crash (Part 2)Mature

Lee's face came up first. The dark-skinned man was the only one Drakmor knew who could smile in this situation. 


"Calm down, man," Lee said, sighing, "The armory was busted up, but we have the reserve gear still, not to mention my personal stash is safe. As far as food and supplies, we don't have enough to last a year, so we will need to resupply once we land. Luckily for us, the Immortal Drive is still ticking."

"Good, get what you can secured for impact in five minutes, then get to the Bunker. I'd rather not lose anyone, but we can't afford to lose you, Lee."

"You're making me blush, man."

"Don't think too much of it," Drakmor snapped, "Just get busy!"

Drakmor cut off the link and opened the next one. Lee was the quartermaster because he had proven to be unequal in the area. Despite his personality - that reminded Drakmor of his younger self a bit too much - he had ran the ship with an iron fist. His sharpshooting was probably the only thing he was more proud of. Either way, if he died it would be a hefty lose. 

Asher showed up on the screen next, not looking happy at all - not that Drakmor blamed him. He would have a lot of work after this as the Jackdaw's medic. 

"Asher, report."

The large man nodded. "I've locked down our medical supplies and, thanks to no one being injured lately, already had all the bedding and tools packed. I'm currently headed toward the Bunker."

The quiet man always was reliable. "Good work, Asher. Mind checking on Darwin as you go? He should be wandering somewhere."

Asher nodded and the screen winked out. 

Last was Harris. The man appeared a moment after Asher, face turned into a grimace. 

"Harris, report."

The man grumbled something before replying and - thanks to the static that was moving along the soundwaves - Drakmor couldn't make it out. Probably just something about his luck... 

"I've got nearly everyone in the Bunker and in place for landing. There are some not here, but I doubt we have time for them. Barely got enough damn time as it is." Harris turned to say something to someone, then looked back toward Drakmor. "Lenny says the others are too far. They won't make it."

Drakmor cursed. "How many and where are they?" As he heard Harris' report, Drakmor took off his boots and large jacket. He didn't want them to get in the way.


In the next moment after Harris' report, Drakmor was running to the far east side of the Jackdaw. Each step left dents in the steel floor, shooting him forward. Not just once did he grab a corner to turn, taking part of the steel with him. His body was a machine, in a sense, powered by nanobots spread throughout his body. Over two hundred years ago he had been taken and turned into this, and for over two hundred years it had been a double edged curse. 

He saw people die, whether because of his actions or by outliving them, but he had also saved people. Sage, a woman who had been empress, had saved and been saved by Drakmor time and time again after they first met. It had been on the original Jackdaw and each were running away from something. Drakmor from life, Sage from her lineage. 

They had come a long way. Sage was now Empress of her home world, Drakmor now the captain of the Jackdaw VII, a ship Sage had ordered creating to explore the depths of the different dimensions. 

Drakmor crashed into a wall to stop himself. Focus! He may be old, but he wouldn't start reminiscing like a geezer just yet. He pulled himself out of the dent he made in the wall and ripped the door near him off it's hinges. Inside, Zero Zalazor watched him like a hawk. 

"We need to go!" Drakmor shouted at the man. 

"I noticed." Annoyingly enough, the odd man stood slowly, grabbing his strange sword as he walked toward the door.

He was a new member of the Jackdaw, picked up on one of their visits. Despite being more reserved than some other members, he was second in command. Mainly because he was used to ruling, but also because of his strength.

Zero hit the ground running toward the Bunker at speeds past what should be normal. Drakmor ignored him, though, heading to his next destination. A glance at a passing screen told him he had only three minutes to go. Damnit! 

He rushed through the halls, telling the ones who could make it to the Bunker to hurry and others who couldn't to wrap themselves in mattresses and find an enclosed area. With one minute left over, Drakmor found himself satisfied he had done what he could, so he hurried toward the Bunker himself.

Seeing Sage running through the halls, without Saffron or time to get back to the Bunker, however, made him stop.

The End

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