NOT my Nano attempt. Decided to save this for later instead.
Story is about one of my favorite characters Drakmor and his adventures to different dimensions.

Drakmor cursed as he pulled on his jacket and walked out of his room. Alarms screamed throughout the Jackdaw VII. What in the Abyss was happening!? He had gone for a short nap between warps and woken to find everything going to hell! He passed two hallways and found the path to the cockpit. Damn thing got further away every time it seemed. 

The Jackdaw shook violently, more alarms going off. What had happened to the Grav-drive!?


Drakmor turned to see Helen running after him. He pointedly ignore her tight clothing that left little to the imagination. It wasn't hard when he saw her normally amused face twisted with concern. "Report."

"Engines 22, 47, 49, and 50 have stopped working," she said quickly, "We have damage to several other engines as well. I'm trying to fix them as fast as I can with the Jackdaw's AR, but it's no use."

Drakmor groaned. He knew what that meant, but... "Basically, we're royally screwed?"

Helen nodded, then rushed past him, not even making a dirty pun. 

"Drakmor!" Speaking of puns. 

"I'm coming, your royal highness," Drakmor shouted to the intercom, then rushed onward to the cockpit.

The room was in an uproar when he reached it. Between people running around and alarms ringing, Drakmor had a hard time getting to his seat. Once there, though, he saw the damage on the monitor. Royally screwed was not really a good enough excuse anymore...

Several engines had been damaged thanks to a chain reaction of explosions started at the hull. Something - and something powerful enough to hit the Jackdaw from over a hundred thousand miles away and not explode like a nuke... No, from the damage, it had to be a simple projectile, but..

"Jaed, Montague, get ready for an emergency landing," Drakmor barked, "Kara, see if you can get me a read on what this dimension's earth is like and where the branching point is. If they have this kind of technology then I'm guessing it's a Genesis or Emperical type, but I could be wrong."

"Aye, Captain Vayr," they said in unison.

Sage Rosewood chose that moment to walk up beside him, though without the Grav-Drive, it made the movement awkward. At least some things were amusing in this situation. "Drakmor, what the hell is going on!?"

Drakmor leaned back in his seat, rubbing his silver hair back with his mechanical arm. "Well, your highness, we are currently in the process of crash landing into an unfamiliar version of Earth - or as you call it, Galven - and probably going to be in combat as soon as we arrive."

Sage sighed. "A little less of an attitude next time, Drak," she said, steadying herself on the monitor in front of him. Her golden hair was in a mess, Drakmor realized, meaning she probably was sleeping like he was. "And at least we have the armory."

Drakmor pointed at the picture on the monitor, ignoring several curses coming from the other crew. "Armory, as well as the vehicle storage, is currently floating in the space behind us, as it was blown off the ship."

"Did they know about it?"

"It's a possibility," Drakmor said, thinking, "Though it would have to be a dimension similar to our own to know that. Personally, I think it was just a lucky shot."

"For them or us," Sage mused.

"Both. If they had hit the Immortal Drive, then we would all be dead."

"Except you," Sage whispered. Drakmor grunted in agreement, though he didn't like it when he was reminded of his trait. Being able to instantly adapt to any and every situation sounded good to his creators, but it had only caused him to outlive so many others. Just like he would outlive Sage and the Jackdaw's crew as well. 

But, right now there were more important things to worry about. 

"Sage, get to the Bunker," Drakmor ordered, looking past her to the large man that stood behind her. "Saffron, see her there safely."

"I will not be ordered to-"

"Fine, please move to the bunker, Sage," Drakmor looked at Saffron once more. "Saffron, make her hurry. We only have ten minutes or so before we land."

Sage glared at him and he was instantly aware what it mean. 'This will have repricussions.' Well, let her be mad. He didn't have time to worry about that. Right now he had his crew to worry about. The Jackdaw needed fifteen people to run and he knew from experience that not everyone was going to come out of this alive. They had done hundreds of simulations and not one was pretty. But he could make this without too many dying. Hopefully.

"Open the channels! Get me Lee, Asher, and Harris!" 

"Aye, Captain!" Lector shouted, licking his mustache as he started typing.

The End

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