Tiger is almost ready to go to Stuffed Animal Day School. This is where all of the stuffed animals go when their owners are off doing their daily tasks. The owners aren't aware they do this, however. Here, they learn how to become better stuffed animals, how to keep themselves clean, as well as learning about the human world in which they live... so they can better understand their human companions.

Throughout the years, much love has bestowed upon Baby Tiger. He has also been to many places and quite well traveled. This has left him a bit more worn than most stuffed animals. He hasnt really thought about this much, its just how its always been.

Tiger's begins his first day. As he enters the classroom, he notices all of the other animals are nearly brand new. Their fur is brightly colored. One particular Bear even had a store tag on his ear!

"Oh no" thought Tiger. "What if they dont like me because im old?, what if i dont fit in?" Tiger worried. He approached his teacher before class and explained his situation and worries. The teacher asked him a few questions.

"Tiger, let me ask you. What is the absolute worse than can happen given these circumstances?"

"The others wont accept me and i wont have any friends" Tiger replied.

"I see, have the others said anything?" said the teacher.

"No... they have not" replied Tiger.

"Ok, well, if they say anything, you can tell them all of the amazing places you have been, and all of the time you have spent with your owner. They will think that is really special, trust me. They all want the same thing you already have, you will be respected for it. They might be able to learn a thing or two about your experiences, and apply it to their own life as well!"

Tiger agreed, and went to his assigned area. The other animals did indeed ask questions, and Tiger happily explained to them his unique life and adventures. The other animals looked up to, and respected Tiger from that day onward.

This goes to show that no matter who you are and what you think of yourself, others can see things in a different way, and its important to realize that everyone has a unique story.

The End

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