Christmas Help

This helpful tale takes place deep within the jungle where Baby Tiger and his family resides. It is during Christmas time around the Jungle. Many of the animals are festive with decorations and parties.

The area is also home to an old man, who lives alone in a small shack.

One day, after Baby Tiger and his family put up decorations, he ventured fourth to see what was in the dense Jungle. He came across the old man's shack,

"Hmm, i wonder why there are no lights, no tree, no decorations on this house?" said Baby Tiger. He pounced along, chasing a grasshopper, until reaching the front door. "I wonder if anyone is home? and why there isnt decorations" said Baby Tiger. SCRATCH-SCRATCH. Tiger scraped at the old door.

"What!? Who is it! Who's there!" an old gruff voice snarled. Tiger was startled by the voice and jumped into a nearby bush. The old man then opened the door. "Hmm! Must be those animals! I need no one!"

Tiger thought to himself "He must be upset because his house isn't decorated! I have to help out in someway". Tiger hurriedly galloped to his family to inform them of his encounter.

Him and his family gathered all of thier extra decorations and went to the small wooden shack when the old man was out fishing. They put up twinkly colored lights on the shingles, a wreath of bananas on the door, and made small snowmen out of coconuts.

When the man returned, he was startled. He didnt say anything, but smiled. Baby Tiger strolls by the shack every few days, and the old man keeps the decorations up year round.

The End

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