The Floor, Or The Ceiling

Alice saw different sorts of things as she fell farther into the ground. Things like pots, beds, and chandeliers were all over the sides.

She tumbled sideways and upsidedown, but couldn't stop.

"Ouch." Alice sighed as she reached the bottom, or the top.

Then the world turned upsidedown and she fell again on the real bottom. She had somehow came out of the ground and landed on the ceiling.

Perplexed, Alice stood up and tried to find a way out, but all the doors were locked. Alice did not notice the little cake at the bottom of the table, that would make her small, so that she could fit into the small door behind the curtains.

She then did notice the door, but not the cake.

"How can I get through this?" she asked herself. Barely her head could fit through.


The End

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