The White Rabbit

Alice suddenly saw a white rabbit, she thought t had a pocket watch. For a ticking noise was coming from his waist coat.

"Mother?" she spoke to a woman, who unlike Alice had very straight hair.

"Yes Alice, what is it?" her mother asked in an annoyed tone.

"I just saw a rabbit in a waist coat." Alice said pointing toward the bushes on the far end of their garden.

"Don't be silly, rabbits don't wear waist coats." her mother laughed.

"I'm not being silly! I saw it." Alice whined.

"Well, maybe the neighbors are right, you are going mad." mother said squeezing Alice's chubby cheeks.

"I'm not mad, mother. I saw it." Alice whined unhappily.

Since her mother didn't believe her, Alice decided to follow the rabbit to see what he was doing.

"Mother, I'm going for a walk." she said sternly.

"Fine dear."

Alice wandered into the garden, looking for a hint of white among the dark green.

"Where did that rabbit go?" Alice thought quietly.

Then she saw it, and he saw her. The rabbit hopped on, Alice just steps behind him.

The rabbit had led her to a big hole and Alice could see that they were no longer in her garden, they were someplace farther out.

The rabbit slid into the hole, leaving Alice alone.

Alice, being unsmart climbed into the hole and fell, fell, fell.......

The End

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