Chapter 1

This is a Hero's Journey...

"...Reports are coming in that the car was hit by another car and as a result, fell over a bridge. Although sources have not confirmed that the dead body's are found, they have confirmed that the couple who was driving that car was James Hempton and Alicia Hempton ........................ in other news, the president of the U.S is going to Russia...."  

 The date is September 18, 2007. That morning, my parents told me that they were going shopping at the mall and that I'll be staying home because they knew that I had homework and even then, I disliked shopping. I blandly agreed because it was always like this. It's not like mom and dad didn't enjoy being with me; it's just that they like time together sometimes. Oh well, just another typical weekend, I thought to myself as the time for my parents to leave came closer and closer. However, my thoughts got interrupted by crackling thunder and a sudden heavy downpour of rain. I said my goodbyes and be safes and the next thing I knew, they were gone.  

        It was about 7:00 that evening and the rain still hadn't stop pouring down.  They'll be back... soon , I kept telling myself. It had been almost 10 hours that they've been shopping. Even for them ,that's a long time and I was beginning to worry. However, that thought escaped me and I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. I turned on the T.V and my that's when my life was changed forever.


But that was 10 years ago. Now, people see me as a lonely soul that is weak and is a no lifer. Ever since then, everyone called me the crippled Jack. I've had several couples willing to adopt me after that incident but I refused. I tried to stay strong but it doesn't really work when everyone sees me as a crippled person. They offer me free money; like I'm a beggar. They always except me into a group. They are all so nice to me. Like when I join competition, they allow me to win. I've always tried to have people actually try to beat me and play for real but they always refuse at the end. That's when I met Hilky. I was just walking in the park and enjoying my life when all of a sudden, he appeared out of thin air. He explained to me that I had passed a background check and that I was applicable for a job. There was something about him that I just couldn't get. Was it his looks or the way he talks? There is just some...special aura that surrounds him. He told me to come to HQ in New York if I was interested. He said that there are many other people who are interested in this job and if I were to decline, then they would get the job. That stung me. Apparently he knew that I was a weak person and that he was trying to bait me out. I've met many people but he was ... special. I've met his kind before and I knew that he wasn't a person to mess with. He seemed nice enough; a people's person. But he had sort of a voice that was exerting authority over you. "Yes... I'll think about it," I said. I try to be as vague as possible but not declining his offer. spies That's how our first talk ended. He said, "Good day, sir," and walked out into the busy streets of New York.

That night, I went back home and thought about the offer. Although I took a lot of time to ponder about this, but it wasn't really a hard decision. I had nothing left in my life and  I need a ACTUAL source of income. No, not like the charity or government sort of income; but an income that comes form a JOB. I looked at the paper of agreement in front of me and decided to finally decided to sign. This man had taking so much precaution in finding Curiosity took over me and the next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Headquarters.

The moment that I stepped into HQ, I knew I was in for it. It wasn't long until someone found me but that that was when I knew that I knew I was in for it.  Hilky just walked up to me with smiles. "Welcome Jack, thank you for accepting my invitation. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you much back there but now I can. Welcome to ISSA or International Secret Service Agency American Headquarters. This is where you will begin your mission as a spy." 



The End

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