For A Lady's Honour ... Or Jared Acts Noble

At first, none of the greasy pigs at the bar seemed to notice us as we slipped into a quiet corner of the room, choosing a table that seemed the least likely to collapse on us. I placed myself strategically closest to the wall. True, I now had damp seeping into my back, but at least I could keep an eye on the drunkards, who were growing rowdier with every passing second. Still, they hadn't seen us yet, perhaps we would be left alone.

"Oi!" one of them calls. "Wot are you doin' in 'ere?"

Or maybe not.

"We're just here for the night." Larn replied shortly, clearly no more keen on our present company than me. One of the men, a fat, gouty individual with a face like a hog, leered at Elorie.

"'Ello pretty." he hissed. "Why don't ya come over 'ere wif me eh?"

"Leave her alone." snapped Jared, glaring across the room at the man. Pig-Face raised one bushy eyebrow.

"Oooh, that your lady is she? Not keen on sharing?"

Jared flushed. "Where I come from it is not customary to behave to a lady in this manner."

Pig-Face and his companions snorted with laughter. I groaned and buried my head in my hands. Jared, I thought, stop acting like a prat and sit down. Ignore them, ignore them, ignore them ...

"And I suppose your lordship would know all about that?" Pig-Face simpered. "Wot wif you bein' all noble an such like. Pathetic little pansy!"

"Shut up!" Jared snapped. "Shut up or I'll have to come over there and teach you a lesson you won't forget in a hurry."

I sunk lower towards the table, groaning under my breath. Oh no. Just when I thought this couldn't get any worse.

Pig-Face smiled nastily, displaying three crooked brown teeth. "Come on then, I'll 'ave ya!"

"What?" Jared looked bewildered. Evidently he hadn't expected the man to take it up as a challenge. However, rather than simply apologizing and saving himself the trouble, the idiot strode out  to meet the fat man in the middle of the chairs.

"Alright, let's get on with it." said Jared, looking rather unnerved. Then again, I dreaded to think what the man smelled like, so for all I know he could have been grimacing with disgust. Pig-Face's grin widened.

I covered my eyes. I couldn't bear to watch this, I already knew the outcome. If Jared won, we'd have a fullscale brawl on our hands. If Pig-Face won, there'd be no end to the torture for all of us.

Maybe being undead hadn't been so bad after all.

The End

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