Things Go from Bad to Utterly Abysmal

Our "room" looked like the bottom of humanity's most enormous cess pit. Like the room below, the floor was covered in sticky brown gunge, but up here it was deeper and a lot thicker. A pile of motheaten blankets lay in a heap in the far corner beneath several deep scored into the walls. Something wet was dripping from a corner of the ceiling, and I could make out the shapes of gigantic rats scuttling about in the corners.
Oh, and did I mention the stink?

"I am not going in there." I gagged. "I actually refuse to set one foot in there."

"We don't have much of a choice." said Larn. "I have the feeling all the rooms will be just as bad. It's getting too dark outside and we need food and shelter for the night. Besides, it's only one night, what damage can it do?"

"Do you want the long list or the short?" I replied sarcastically.

"Let's just leave our gear here and go back downstairs." suggested Jared. "We'll just have to hope the food is better than the accomodation, and we might meet someone who can tell us a quicker route to Haesdra."

I snorted, as if we'd find anyone with a scrap of intelligence in a backwater hellhole like this. However, I'd rather put up with the company of drunkards than stay in that room. Still feeling weak at the knees, I followed the others back down the stairs. A few people had already arrived, perched precariously on the stools by the bar, tankards in their hands and guffawing loudly. I gritted my teeth and forced down a mouthful of bile.

For once, I doubted I would be reluctant to be on the move in the morning.

The End

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