Explaining the Madness

"Okay," said Elorie, looking as though she were about to deliver a speech, "Here we go."

We were sitting around the ashy remains of the campfire that had been lit the previous night (it was, by now, late morning). Elorie sat at the head of the circle with Sarin on her left and Jared to the right. I sat beside Sarin with the dark man, whose name I had now discovered was Larn, on my left, providing a firm barrier between myself and the still-fuming Jared. We shot each other the occasional death-stare as Elorie braced herself like a knight about to enter the tourney.

"Well," said Elorie, "I'll start at the beginning. Three years ago, my mother had a vision of the last members of the Propheseying line being brutally killed by a dark monster. Then she had another vision that showed two people fighting the monster and killing it. One, she said, was someone called the Guide, destined to aid the Chosen in their quest to defeat the monster. Apparently this Guide could only be seen by the Chosen and, as the name, suggests, would guide them to where they needed to be. The Chosen themself would be the last child born to the Seer line before the Oracle died. I was the last child born before the winter that took the Oracle from this world to the Otherside. It is my destiny to find whatever is threatening my people and stop it before it is too late." She paused, looking up at me with a solemn expression, "At first I didn't believe it, after all I was only just beginning to have visions. But then..." She trailed off, eyes beginning to fill with tears as she spoke.

Sarin sighed and continued, "What Elorie means to say is that, before she could even begin to fathom what this destiny meant for her, her people were attacked by a group of rouges from the forest. We don't quite know what happened to her, but Jared, Larn and I found her wandering the roads. She wouldn't tell us what happened to her, but she said she told us about the raiders and the Fatesong her mother had seen. Our village has always been in close contact with the Seers and we knew that whatever was going on was important. But it appears whoever attacked Elorie's family is following her. We've been running from them for weeks now, trying to find a place to hide. And, of course, looking for the Guide that's supposed to help us."

She raised her copper-haired head and looked at me meaningfully:

"And we think that Guide is you."

The End

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