Exchanging Insults with Jared

Ten minutes after concluding my fit of mindless gibbering, I found myself standing before Elorie's companions feeling distinctly awkward.

"Err... hello." I ventured, "Uh, I'm Nicor."

I recieved only blank stares in return. I shifted uncomfortably, shooting a glance at Elorie, who was now gazing off into space, a dreamy look on her face.

Okay. Awkward.

Eventually Sarin broke the silence. None too gently either.

"So let me get this straight," she said "You're the mercenary who showed up yesterday when our cart overturned and you were the one who upset Elorie by telling her you were dead."

"To put it bluntly, yes." I replied, feeling rather stung. Me upset her? Look what she'd induced me to do!

Sarin nodded and looked at me thoughtfully. Then Jared spoke up: "Elorie thinks your her Guide. It said in the Fatesong that there would be one, and that he would come from an unexpected place. I don't suppose you know anything about that do you?"

"Err, no."

"Or about why we're here? What we're doing?"


Jared groaned exasperatedly, "Do you know anything about us at all? Or do you spend your whole time running around like a lunatic?"

"Well from what I can deduce you appear to be a group of nutcases who believe in old wive's tales, see ghosts and expect them to save the world. Oh, and you smell like goat droppings." I glared at Jared, infuriated by his condescending snobbishness.

"Why you little-!" Jared roared, raising a fist threateningly. I readied myself for a fight, sub-consciously reaching for the two-handed longsword at my hip. I may have been dead for two years, but I still knew how to fight. And Jumped-up Jared was asking for it.

Then, as if woken from a dream, Elorie sprang between us, "Stop!" she cried, "Don't let's start fighting! We'll all need to pull together if we're going to get out of this alive. Please, both of you, calm down."

Jared huffed irritably, but lowered his fist none the less. I relaxed, taking my hand off my sword hilt. Elorie breathed a sigh of relief: "Right, now I think we need some explanations for our new friend here. Perhaps if he knows more about the situation then he'll have more of an idea about how to help us."

Yes, enlighten me please, I'm dying to know what part I'm destined to play in this madness. Wrestle a dragon perhaps? Or find the Holy Grail?

Note the sarcasm.

The End

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