Touched. Literally.

I woke up from my momentary faint about five minutes later. The first thing I registered was the fact that it was dark. The second was the thudding pain in my head from where I'd collided with the ground. Wonderful.

Sitting up, I shook my head and blinked a couple of times. Elorie was sitting beside me, looking rather concerned. Rubbing my sore head, I turned to her and said, grinning in an embarrased manner,

"Sorry about that. Had a bit of a meltdown there, I thought you said something about some Fate thing. Stupid of me to think that eh?"

Elorie furrowed her brows and asked, as if confused, "What do you mean it's stupid of you to think that? That's exactly what I said, why shouldn't you remember that?"

I opened my mouth to say something, but stopped when I realised what Elorie had said. So it was true she'd said that? I wasn't hearing things after all?

And she really did expect me to believe it?

I laughed nervously, shaking my head in disbelief. This woman was dilusional! Honestly, how stupid did she think I was?

Fated to save the Prophesyers? Pull the other one.

"You aren't serious?" I said, "You don't seriously think I believe that do you? Come on, it's totally ridiculous! Fatesongs? Those are nothing but a bunch of legends, they can't be real! And me! I'm a dead mercenary for the gods sakes! How am I supposed to do anything when no-one save you can even see me? I can't fight like this! This is just some dilusional fantasy isn't it?"

Elorie looked at me, shocked, "How can you say that? Fatesongs are not legends, they've been coming true for centuries, how can you just dismiss them? I know it sounds ridiculous to you, but ever since my mother saw my Fate things have been happening exactly as she said. Your arrival was one of these things, so it must be true. Also, you are the one who'll save the Prophesyres because you can fight."

I snorted, "How? By waving my ectoplasm at them?"

Elorie smiled a small, secretive smile, "No. You'll fight them with your sword the same way you always have done."

I groaned in exasperation "Hello? Haven't you noticed? I'm INVISIBLE and IMMATERIAL, how can I fight when everything I touch goes straight through me?"

"Nothing will go through you any more. I can guarantee it. You'll be able to do exactly the same things you've always done."


"Because you're not a ghost any more mercenary." said Elorie, smiling, "You're just as present as I am."

Then, to my utter amazement, Elorie stretched out her hand.

And touched me.

The End

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