The Guide. . . Me!

When I entered the small clearing that the travellers had chosen to camp in they were already sitting around a small fire, their heads together and talking in low voices like conspirators in a murder plot. Clearly they were talking about something private that they didn't want to be overheard.

So, naturally, I sat down right behind them and listened in.

"But what if Sarin's right? What if this really is an omen?" That was Jared, looking distinctly uncomfortable in this situation.

"Then it's a damned strange omen to send. Some scruffy mercenary with nothing to his name but a sword and a bad temper." Elorie's voice, clearly irritated. Evidently her misery had given way to anger in the space of about ten seconds.

Bipolar much?

"Unlikely or no, he's the only spirit you've seen for several months. There's no denying it Elorie, he must be the one." The red-haired woman, Sarin I presumed. She sounded almost as peturbed as Jared about the whole matter.

After a moment's silence, Elorie sighed; "I guess you're right. But how is he supposed to help us reach the Citadel in time? None of you can actually see him, so what's the point in that?"

Ahem. I do have a name you know.

"True, but this all fits the Fatesong perfectly! It said something about the Guide only being visible to the Seer didn't it?" Sarin cut in again, excitement gleaming in her eyes.

"But that could be true of any spirit!"

"Yes, but what I'm trying to say is that the circumstances fit. Elorie, this could be it! If that ghost really is the Guide then we're one step closer to fulfilling your Fate! Don't you see, this could save us all!"

This statement was met with much excited gasping and half-murmered praises from Sarin's companions. I on the other hand sat there, somewhat nonplussed. What the heck was a Fatesong? Who was this Guide they were talking about?

And, most importantly, what did I have to do with any of this?

Then, as if on cue, Elorie raised her head and looked at me. I gave a mock-cheerful wave and hissed at her:

"Not that I don't find this conversation intruiging, but, if I may just ask, what the hairy heck are you talking about?"

Elorie smiled, her whole face lighting up. "We've just discovered something amazing. We've been waiting for you for so long, and now you're finally here! You're the Guide, mercenary. You're Fated to help us on our journey. You can save us!"

I blinked stupidly at Elorie, who jumped to her feet and ran over to me, "Don't you see, this is wonderful! For weeks we've been travelling, not knowing what to do. But now you're with us we can finally do what the Fatesong said! We're Fated to meet mercenary, you and I. We're Fated to meet and you are going to stop the last of the Seer line from dying out! You're the Guide! You're going to be the savior of Prophesying as we know it!"

Now, it may surprise you that, despite being dead, we ghosts are still perfectly capable of fainting.

Which, having just had all this information poured on me, was exactly what I did.

The End

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