Don't Just Stand There!

So, from what you've probably heard, my life (or "death" as the case may be)  was a rather miserable affair at this stage. I'd gone from being a nondescript loner of a mercenary to an even more nondescript social outcast of a ghost. Skulking about in the mountains, hiding from people and feeling very sorry for myself.

Then something happened. Something that changed the course of my existence forever.

I was skulking miserably down a winding backroad, muttering to myself about the unfairness of life and how hard-done-by I was. It was raining hard and the sky was an ominous black. This only worsened my mood as, despite not technically being alive, I was still able to feel the rain. And, inevitably, was now very wet as a result.

Bedraggled and bad-tempered, I was moping around, minding my own business when I came around a turn in the road and came upon a scene of absolute carnage.

A wagon appeared to have overturned in the road and various articles had been scattered all over the road. Overturned crates of fruit, bags of wool strewn around and the oxen that had previously been drawing the wagon having a mass panic amidst the wreckage. Three people, two men and a young woman were rushing about, shouting and obviously in a state of panic. From what I could make out from their cries, someone was trapped under the wagon. I approached, knowing I went unseen and could just make out the outline of an arm poking out from under the body of the wagon, flailing desperately around like a crazed ferret. The owner of said arm was whimpering softly from their position and the two men were desperately trying to lift the wagon off their trapped companion.

"Hey, don't just stand there, help us!" I jumped, alarmed at the sharpness of the voice. The young woman was standing just in front of me, glaring and with a distressed look on her pretty, pale face.

"Come on," she said again, "Don't just gawk at me, do something!"

Is she talking to me? No, she can't be, I'm invisible. No-one can see me. But then why is she staring straight at me like she can see me?

"Hey!" said the woman, waving a hand in front of my face, "You with the sword, shift your useless behind! Our friend is dying under there, help her!"

"You can see me!" I blurted, eyes popping out of my head and jaw hanging off my face like a dead weight.

She can see me! Gods above she can see me! Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! How? Why? What? This makes no sense, this can't be happening!

"Of course I can see you you dolt! What are you, mad, of course I can, anyone could you're standing there as plain as daylight!"

"But... how? No-one's been able to see me for years, how can you?"

"What in heaven's name are you talking about? Why wouldn't I be able to see you, you're just as much here as I am!"

"That's just the thing." I replied, my voice low and full of caution. "You shouldn't be able to see me. I'm not even meant to be here."

I sighed and, giving up all hope of sounding remotely sane, said bluntly: "I'm dead."

The End

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