Oversleeping ... Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

"Oh crap."

Our "quick rest" was far from quick. When Larn finally succeeded in dragging me back to the land of the living I opened my eyes to a night sky riddled with twinkling stars. I blinked stupidly and sat up, rubbing grit from my eyes and trying to work out why it was so dark all of a sudden.

"What's going on?" asked Elorie, sitting up in the grass, her long hair tangled with leaves and bits of twig, making her look like some sort of wood nymph.

"We've overslept." replied Sarin shortly, pacing up and down in front of our gear, face thunderous. "Stupid of us not to think of setting a watch, who knows how much time we've lost now!"

Stupid of you not to realise that that wouldn't have done us any good either.

None of us could have stayed awake for more than a few seconds by my reckoning, let alone an hour. I rubbed my forehead, wincing as I brushed against a bruise. Oh yes, I was definitely feeling them now.

Sarin stopped pacing and looked up at the sky defeatedly. "Well, there's nothing else for it. We're going to have to wait until daylight, we can't risk travelling in the dark, who knows where we'd end up."

I nodded and curled up in the grass again, not even pausing to question Sarin's logic. If there was a chance of extra sleep, I wasn't complaining. Sarin herself gave another irritable huff before sloping back to her place and settling down, Larn not far behind. The big man gave me a bemused look as he sat down again, probably wondering why Sarin bothered to wake us up in the first place if we were just going to go back to sleep again.

I shifted slightly, and out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Elorie and Jared lying side by side just below my left foot. Jared had his arm around Elorie's shoulder, her head resting on his chest. It was like a scene from a love story, two young lovers entwined in the grass under a moonlit sky, lost in dreams in the comfort of one another's embrace.

How sweet .... excuse me while I throw up.

The End

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