Rest Stop

When midday came, we were all to exhausted to go any further. I had fallen further and further behind the group through the course of the day, growing too tired to so much as curse my own misfortune any further. Jared had slumped lower and lower over Elorie's shoulder and even Larn and Sarin were beginning to slow. We turned off the road and flopped down on the grassy bank, all breathing hard and looking like a contingent of the walking dead.

"I've had it with this," I hissed to myself, "I almost forgot how painful living was."

"I thought you'd be used to it." said Jared. "Being in the army and all."

I rolled my eyes. "Ever heard of a horse? And I wasn't woken up to brawl with drunkards in the middle of the night ... not all the time anyway."

"We'll rest here a bit." said Sarin. "Take a break and set off again in a couple of hours."

"Sounds good." Larn replied, leaning back against the packs and closing his eyes. I hauled myself further up onto the bank and curled up in the grass. Damp though it was, it felt wonderfully comfortable. Just goes to show how exhaustion can change your view of the world.

Jared whispered something to Elorie below me, and I heard shifting about below me. I ignored them and let myself relax, subconsciously counting all the sources of pain on the different areas of my body. I'd have some lovely battle scars to show for this one.

Still, a couple of hours of rest would be good .... before we had to start trekking again .... just a quick rest ....

The End

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