The Adventure Filled With Typos of Joining ProtagonizeMature

This is a true story...a true story of a terrible typo that brought itself forth unto an innocent e-mail, which was sent in order to request that a good friend starts an account on Protagonize with me.

To Keita

From Mike
make on, let's write a story. :P
oh my godddd so now like during the night for me when your in bed, it'll still be like we're together because i could be writing part of the story, and in your day time while i'm in bed it could be like the opposite! SO BASICALLY WE'LL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER! YOU CAN NEVER GET AWAY! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
ok, anyway, ummmm yaaa we can write our naughty bunnykin stories now...or we can make our vampire story of when we go to college

The End

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