An Ultimatum

Skylar Hollingberry

Sam and Aasimah seemed pretty serious when we learned that Princess Simcha was the Princess of Israel, but truth be told, I had no idea what kind of Kingdom that was. Damn my overprotective parents. I really didn't want to tell them I had never heard of this Israel since that must have been suspicious and I didn't want them to know my true identity, not yet anyway. We had only know each other for roughly two weeks so I wasn't sure if I could trust them with such a big secret. 

So since I didn't want them finding out, I tried copying their serious expression, praying to Poseidon that I looked convincing enough.

''Israel? That's pretty dangerous.'' Aasimah said, to which Sam nodded and I just followed his example. Where even was this place?

''Not to mention quite far from here. We'll never get there in time if we go by plane.'' Sam glanced at Aasimah. I could've sworn he looked at her with puppy dog eyes. Did I mention that puppies are the cutest things ever besides seahorses? How could I have lived nineteen years without these animals?

Aasimah bit her lip.

''I don't mind but... I've never had passengers before.''

''We're in an Adventure Club; we're all about taking risks right?'' I said, sounding a lot braver than I felt. Hello, I had never even been on land before. Me, flying? Oh Poseidon. 

Sam smiled at me.

''Sky's right. It's the only way to get there in time. Israel itself is already dangerous, so we're already taking a risk by going there in the first place.''

Aasimah nodded.

''Alright then. When do we leave?''

The next hour we spent packing and preparing for our trip. We also ate the dinner I had made of course, since we needed our strenght. I wondered where this land was and how long it would take for us to get there. And what kind of clothes should I pack? Not that I had any clothes suited for a cold climate, since the few clothes I owned were bought in Australia... 

''You don't have a weapon, Sky?'' 

I turned around to find Aasimah standing behind me in the door frame, frowning at me.

''I know you can control water but...''

I smiled at her concern for me.

''Don't worry, I'll be fine.''

''But we're going to Israel.'' 

I stared at her. Apparently I was supposed to know something regarding that country.

''It's extremely dry during the summer months.''

''Right. No water. No fish and sea mammals to help me out either... Oh! But I could use sweat! And I could keep some water with me in a flask or something to control!'' 

Aasimah smiled at my ingenuity.

''Guess that problem is solved, then. I could always teach you how to swordfight if you want.''

I thanked her and continued my packing as she left. I wondered why she still needed those swords when she could turn into a firebreathing dragon. Oh well.

To be honest, I was happy to hear that Israel was really dry. It meant no rain, which meant no risk of turning into a mermaid. 

I turned around when I heard someone knock on my door. It was Sam, who was holding an envelope. Another quest? Really? How where we going to do two quests when there were only three of us? 

''It's for you.'' Sam told me to my surprise. 

Who would write me? I didn't know anyone here except Sam and Aasimah, and I doubt that they had written me. Maybe they had accidently addressed the wrong Skylar. The real Skylar Green. Yeah, that's seemed plausible.

I took the envelope from Sam and noticed that it only said 'Skylar' and the address of the Adventure Club HQ. My hands trembling, I opened the envelope. Could it be from my parents? No, if the knew where I was they wouldn't just send some letter- they'd send the guards to come and get me.


What in the name of Atlantis do you think you're doing? You're the heir to the throne and you just leave to join some club? Mother and Father are worried sick, but I leave the decision to you: tell them you don't want the throne so that one of us can inherit it or come back home. Really, you're supposed to be the eldest, but instead you act like a spoiled little kid. 


I stared at my brother's letter in anger. Who was he, to call me a little kid? He was barely fourteen, yet he had done outrageous things on land- not that my parents cared. As long as their heir, me, was safe. Trite had stolen, smoked, drank alcohol and Poseidon knows what else. Okay, I admit running away from home wasn't the most mature thing I had done in my life, but I'm nineteen and I had never done something stupid. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them, right? Yet I had never even been able to make a mistake. Yet here I was, holding my younger brother's letter, basically giving me an ultimatum. Freedom or power. Well, wasn't that an easy choice?

The End

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