The Letter

Sam Santiago

Weredragon? Not Bad. 

Of course, had I been a normal person, the thought might have frightened me, and possibly made me want to jump out the window. But I wasn't looking for dainty and nice: I needed someone who could get things done. And a weredragon was overqualified to fit the bill of "Adventure Club Member"

Okay, so our team so far was an Alchemist, a Water Manipulator, and a were-dragon. One of us could fly, the other breathe underwater most likely, and the third change anything into anything else. That was a good team if I ever saw one.

Now the real question is, what do we do now?

I had a plan to catch him, but first, I needed to test Skylar and Aasimah's abilities, to really test them, to witness for myself if they could hold their ground and hold themselves together under pressure. We needed an assignment, our first mission. 

But instead, the three of us had been lazily spending our afternoons in the outback doing, well, nothing. Well not nothing, but we'd been doing pretty much our own thing. Skylar spent the days fixing up the place trying to make it more homely and less spartan, while me and Aasimah spent our afternoons together, exploring the surrounding Australian outback to see what was nearby. Over the course of the couple of days, I had gotten to know them pretty well. At least, as well as you could in under two weeks.

"Ah, so that's why you came to the outback," I said, as we both rode horses back to the shabby little house we called the Adventure Club HQ on the distant horizon, "You came to get rid of your curse."

"Um, I wouldn't exactly call it a curse, more like, a condition. But yes" she said, "I did come here to get help with it."

"But it's such a wonderful ability! Why would you want to get rid of it?"

She said nothing at first. "I admit, I love the power it gives me, and makes me feel I have. And I absolutely love flying but." She paused, "I never feel normal. I could never go into Sydney or any other major city for that matter and feel, well, feel like I should be there. I'd get stared at, people would be scared of me, and yeah." She drifted off.

I felt for her. I could only imagine what kind of life that must be like.

"But on the plus side," she continued, now with a more excited tone "It gives me much more time to explore and wander through the countryside, alone. I'm able to think more efficiently and strongly than I could ever in the noise of the city, and clouded by drama of friendships. Exploring the Australian outback has been some of the best memories of my life that I cherish. So I guess there's good and bad to everything."

When we made it back, Skylar had already made dinner, and, she also had something else in hand.

"We got our first letter!" She exclaimed wildly.

"Wait, really? What does it say?" I asked, leaping off my horse, who I decided to name Covo, and rushed over to Skylar.

"I haven't opened it yet, jeez." She said as I snatched the letter from her hands. While I ripped the letter open impatiently, I could sense Aasimah getting off her horse as well, more calmly than me, of course, and strutting over to see me open the letter. I could smell seafood frying on the stove. For a vegetarian meal, it smelled delicious. 

As the glowing yellow-orange sun melted into the ground on the horizon and the swirling sunset colors painted the sky cloudless air above, I finally broke the letter free from the casing. I unfolded it and began to read aloud.


I don't know how soon this letter will reach you all, but I need all your help immediately! I tried calling you, but I can't seem to be able to contact your land line. And I'm sorry to also have to inform you that I can't clarify what exactly I need help with. But please trust that the entire fate of my Kingdom is in your hands. I need your help. No one else is whiling to help me, and it's not just me that is at stake, but my entire country. Please help Adventure Club. Please. You're my last hope, for me, and my people.

-Princess Simcha

We all stood their quietly as I finished reading. No one was sure what to see. For me, I was kind of shocked our first mission - should we accept - was probably one of the more drastic ones we could take. Finally, Skylar broke the silence.

"Really, we're going to save a princess?" She said.

"I hope we're not too late, look at the date on the paper." Aasimah said.

I looked at the date. This letter was written two weeks ago. That meant whatever trouble the Princess was in, she had been enduring it for a while. Assuming help hadn't arrived already, or something much worse had happened.

"Well now that we're a team," I began to explain, "I think we need to decide together if we're going to take on this mission or not. And so, , if even one of us doesn't want to do it, we're not going to take this mission on." I paused. Then,

"That said, my vote is yes. She obviously needs help, and really, if she's writing a letter to an Adventure Club who know's how far away, she has to be really desperate, right? My gut says she still is in serious trouble. And I think we need to help her. We can't just blow off a desperate cry for help like this."

Skylar nodded, "I agree, I'm in."

"Me too," said Aasimah.

"Wow, okay," I said. That was easier than I thought.

"One question," Aasimah stated.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well, um, what kingdom is this Princess Simcha princess of?"

"Uh...I..." I paused. I hadn't actually bothered to glance at where the letter was from I had been so hasty to read it's contents. I help up the exterior.

"Oh boy," I exclaimed.

"What?" Skylar asked.

"Princess Simcha is the Princess of Israel." 


The End

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