Aasimah Khan

After the initial shock of being asked what I was, I found the Adventure Club to be an enjoyable experience, even if there were only two members when I inquired.

This was the beginning of an amazing story, of that I was sure. We would go down in history, the Adventure Trio.

Sure, I hadn't found a yara-ma-yha-who, but that could wait. Besides, my new friends seemed to appreciate my dragon side.

The cute one was a bit wary of me at first, but I was used to it. It came with the curse, really. Sky, the redhead I had first met, was talkative enough until the conversation turned to her and she literally ran off. 

I smelled secrets. Ooh. Loved them. Or, loved hearing them at least. But I wasn't the greatest at keeping them.

Since I had already (accidentally) made my scaly persona evident, I didn't work too hard to hide it. My tail swung low over the dusty ground and I could feel a pair of silvery cat-like ears twitching at the top of my head. 

Hopefully my fangs weren't showing. They scared people, I found. Why, of course, I had no idea.

I kept my teeth immaculate.

Speaking of which, I was absolutely starving.

"What do you guys have to eat in this place?" I asked eagerly, sniffing the air for food close to what looked like cabinets.

The alchemist, Sam or something, who was sitting on a couch and staring at an ancient dial-up phone, shrugged.

"Not much. Feel free to eat whatever you can find."

Oh was he going to regret saying that or what.

In under three minutes (two minutes and forty-seven seconds to be precise) practically all edible substances I could find in the house were gone, except for a bottle of what smelled like weak sherry and a jar of some silvery goo.

"Okay Sam," I started, swallowing the last of a box of oats with a bit of cayenne powder, "Now tell me, where's the rest of the food?"

He looked at me strangely and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

I leaned against the doorframe and took a swig from the canteen around my neck. Whoa, that last mouthful was spicy. 

"C'mon, you can't possibly expect me to believe that you started an Adventure Club with only enough grub to feed a couple ants, do you?"

He sighed and pointed to the cabinets I had just raided, trying to hide his shock at my appearance again.

The fangs were probably out.

"Nothing in those, I'm afraid." I hummed, inspecting my nails.

Sam stood up, furrowing his eyebrows, and went to look in the cabinets. I tried not to laugh at his expression when he saw they were empty but I eventually did, and set his shoes on fire.

Oops. I held back further laughter and watched as he jumped madly, stomping his feet to try and put them out. 

"Are you a dancer?" I asked, chuckling, "Because you're really on fire!" 

He didn't seem to appreciate my joke. Oh well. 

"Stop moving." I commanded, annoyed to see I was still not being listened to. 

My scales were completely fireproof. Coincidentally, I really liked setting things on fire. 

Only problem was Sam really wasn't listening to me, so I couldn't really help him out. 

Skylar walked in, running a hand through her hair, and promptly freaked out when she saw the scene in full swing.

"What the-?!"

"He's dancing," I supplied, "And he's going to burn the house down!"

She didn't laugh. Man, tough crowd.

I sighed and, reaching my tail forward, smothered the flames with it. Problem solved.

Sam looked at his steaming shoes, and then up at me, and at his shoes again. 


"Well," I explained, "Seeing as the smoke has cleared, I guess I should tell you both what I really am."

I was met with blank stares, and I was sure nobody was picking up on the pun. 

"Don't roast me about it or anything, but I'm a weredragon." 

The End

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