The Search Begins

Are you in mortal danger?

Are you on the run? Is someone after you? Or has someone stolen something irreplaceable?

Have no one else to turn to?

Contact the Adventure Club Now! A team of the best* skilled warriors and magicians in all of Australia ready and at your service. Contact us now at our HQ in Sydney or #17 Winston Street. Whether it be slaying dragons or chasing down bad guys, we are always happy to help!

*opinions may vary.

Sam Santiago 

17 Winston Street..... was in the middle of nowhere. 

From the edge of the street, I stared up at the old, dilapidated building: a wooden house surrounded by miles of desert and mountains. 

"Number 17?" I muttered, "Where exactly are the other 16 houses..." Looking around, I could almost see the heat itself seeping into the ground from the hot suns glare. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and by the looks of the cracks in the dirt, it didn't seem like rain had ever bothered to pay a visit here. At least not in this century. 

I sighed. In all honesty, I should have expected this. Not exactly an old building in....well....nowhere. But that luck would have it this way. For I swear to gumballs I had the worst luck in the world. The journey from Tuscon, to L.A., then from L.A. to Sydney, a journey that should have only taken 2 weeks at most, ended up taking me almost a month and a half. And just when I finally thought I'd be able to relax and finally get HQ up and running, I find it's in the middle of nowhere. Well, practically nowhere. I'm sure the middle of the Australian Outback was an okay synonym for nowhere. 

As I climbed the steps onto the porch, I began to doubt if the place even had running water and electricity. As an alchemist, these problems wouldn't be that much of a hindrance, but they were still nice to have, you know. Once inside, however, I found myself pleasantly surprised.

So the place was quite cool and comfortable for being un-airconditioned, and had plenty of space to set up shop. That didn't take long. I placed the one suitcase I had brought with me on the floor, pulled out my wand (an object I barely used because an Alchemist has little need for one) and tapped the top. Almost immediately, the suitcase opened up and out shot all my belongings - furniture, clocks, all the things you'd find in a house - settling into the new space as appropriately as the objects could. They were arranging and decorating the house themselves. The only thing I hadn't packed in a suitcase were my clothes and my Fire Pistol which I always kept at my side.

Then I began to plan my trip into town. I would need to start doing interviews for the Adventure Club.

This house would serve as the Adventure Club HQ, but our office would be in Sydney. That is, if this thing actually took off. I was certain there would be others whiling to join, but negative doubts floated around at the edge of my thoughts. 

As I was helping my magical furniture unpack itself, the phone (which was an old phone booth next to my mail the middle of the desert) began to ring. I stared at it through the still open brightly lit doorway. I had forgot, the land lord had told me that would be the only phone you could use out here. This place got no cell reception, and certainly no internet. It hadn't really clicked in my head why until I had actually arrived. 

The doubts were beginning to get more and more realistic. Was I being a fool? Who (other than me) would be crazy enough to leave everything they know behind to start a new organization? Who would be wiling to join when the found out HQ was going to be in the desert? Why did I do this? Why didn't I just go home?

Except, I knew why I was here. What my mission really was. He was here. Everyone else may have given up, and thought he was dead, but I knew he was here. Still alive, hiding someplace. Somewhere in Australia. And I intended to find him.

But not without help, of course. 

Once I arrived at the office in Sydney, I had found a bunch of people were already there, waiting outside the door. I wondered for a bit what they were here for until I realized, they were here for the interview! And I was late. Thanks to the broken down bus (A.K.A., my luck) My heart kind of soared a little thankful there were actually people interested. Until, of course, the actual interviews began.

The interviews dragged on for hours. It was exhausting. Not to be mean, but none of the people were actually, well, good. At anything. So far, I had listened to an old wizard try to convince me he had the spells able to defeat dragons, but was un-whiling to do even the slightest of any magic; a Fortune Teller who was making up predictions as she went; an Elf who wanted to play on her flute for me: a buisnessman who was trying to sell me rugs; ghost (who was scheduled for an interview, but never showed up), and finally a ninja who managed to somehow cut his own index finger off. That last one was humiliating. I had to call the EMs to take him the emergency room. It was like the universe was playing some big joke on me. 

I was about to give up, when the last person scheduled for an interviewed stepped through the door. 

The End

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