Family Reunion

Chapter 1

It was our 16th birthday. Thats when it all happend.

Every single birthday I have had, has been celebrated with Mike and Taylor. It had been 16 years now, I really want something spectacular to happen in my life. Ya, I have had plenty of little adventures with my two best friends as we were little kids, but, my life got boring. I mean ya, sure, it isn't the most boring life ever but I want, I want, I want like an adventure, one that is a thrilling, exciting, and romantic.

Yes, I said romantic. Mike is my cousin and Taylor is probably the cutest guy I know. He is tall, blonde, smart and really kind. Basicly your average hot guy. So, I really want him to ask me out. But, I am afraid that Taylor won't because he doesn't know that Mike and I are cousins. I am pretty sure that Mike wants it to stay that way, why? I haven't a clue. I can tell that Taylor likes me because he is always trying to impress me by doing all of these really cool things. Like this one time, Talor, he was walking home from school with Mike and I, and there was this little girl running around in circles crying for he mommy. He helped her find her mom, and actually, the mom was in tears, she was very greatful for Taylor. It was actually really kind of him to do.

Anyways. Everybody had just sang Happy Birthday to all of us when I heard a noise. It sounded like, like it was somebody crying. I leaned over to Taylor and said "Can you hear that?"

"Hear what?" he replied.

"It sound like somebody is crying," I said. I looked around and I couldn't see Mike. "Taylor, where is Mike?" I asked suspiciously.

"I don't know," he said nervously,"but I am going to find out."he turned and walked away. And I followed.

"Please, excuse us for a moment." I told all of our friends and family. 

"Oh, please. It's fine."said Mike's step mom.

As we were walking down the hall, we walked past Mike's room and saw him sitting on his bed, sobbing. "Whats wrong?" chorused Taylor and I.

"Nothing." said Mike.

"Mike," sighed Rylee."Somethings is wrong, what is it?"

"Ya." said Taylor.

"Fine. I'll tell you guys, I just miss my mom." said Mike.

"Your mom is down stairs." said Taylor.

"No, thats just his step mom." said Rylee.

"Oh." replied Taylor.

"Ya." said Mike. "It's just that."

"Wow." said Taylor. " I am sorry, I didn't know."

"I am sorry." was Rylee's respond.

"Ya," said Mike, sniffle, sniffle, " I am fine."

"Hey, you guys," said Rylee. " Don't you guys want somehting spectacular to happen for this birthday? I mean I want to have an adventure. But I don't know how."

"I have been wanting something like these for years now!" said Taylor.

" Ya, Cousin, thats a great idea." said Mike.

"WHAT!!! Since When have You two been cousins?!?!?!" asked Taylor.

"Since we were born." corused Rylee and Mike.

"Well, thats news to me," said Taylor. "since you guys are cousins that means, that if I asked Rylee to be my girlfriend, I would'nt hurt Mikes feelings?!?!?! Because I have been waiting since we were 12 to ask her out. WOW!" 

"No it won't hurt my feelings." said Mike.

"So is that an invatation to be your girlfriend?" asked Rylee.

"Um. Ya, if you want to." replied Taylor, blushing.

"FINALLY!!! I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ASKED!!!" said Rylee as she kissed Taylor.

"Well, now that we have had our little family reunion," said Mike, embarrased." lets get back down stairs to our party and have some more fun. How about that?"


The End

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