The Smiling Man

Honestly, it's the future adventures of a character I have doubt I will ever be done with.

A gang boss, known The Advent Killer for his assassination attempts and successes on the the last twenty Advent's lives. The Smiling Man is hired to defend the newly elected Advent.

NOTE: This is being posted because otherwise, I will lose it or forget it. SO, this is kind of a permanent note. I may not write more in this for a while.

The Fun-House, a place that would be called a bar or pub centuries back, was nearly full. Women in silver and red jumpsuits talked to one another all over the Fun-House's floor, while men tried their luck with the women or wrestled one another. These places were called Chaos Clubs by the vast majority. The wrestling or crowds had nothing to do with that though. It was what lay in the middle of the Fun-House's bottom floor.

A pit.

The Chaos Hole was what they called it, and in turn what gave the name Chaos Club to the place. When the humans created simulations, they entered into an unknown era of possibilities. If one could simulate a plane crash, then why not a bloody fight to the death between men? The Chaos Hole was such a device. Two men would enter devices and project themselves into the pit. From the men's perspective, it was real. They felt every punch, every bone broken, and even every death. To the others, who placed bets and cheered the fighters on, it was a game. 

The Smiling Man, who wore a large silver jacket over his shirt and trousers, walked toward the metal tubes. Many who saw him paced took a second look or just stared. With them wearing jumpsuits of varying colors, someone wearing actual pants and a shirt was unusual. Though... It was for another reason they stared. On the Smiling Man's shirt was a large yellow emoticon smiling widely. It signaled him out, making his identity known to these people.

The Smiling Man laughed and pushed his waist-long silver hair out of his face. Although silver hair was no longer an abnormality, the Smiling Man's silver skin was. It seemed to glow in the light of the Chaos Club. Though it only made the people here understand who he was more, it was annoying.

"H-hey," the man standing in front of a large black container said, "Did you... want to... um, fight?" He was nervous. The Smiling Man smiled. How much longer should he keep up this persona? He wanted to see if he could make the stupidest of names become famous. It had proven right. 

"Yes, Simul." It was only polite to address someone by their job position. 

The black container opened and the Smiling Man replaced the man sitting in the machine. The door clamped shut, plunging the Smiling Man into darkness. From the inside of the Simulator, he heard the announcement for his fight. His opponent was someone named Bain. The Smiling Man frowned. It sounded familiar.

Lights flashed and the Smiling Man found himself at the bottom of the pit. In front of him was a grotesque man of almost eight feet. The Smiling Man's enemy was a Forbade? They had been made in Russia nearly five years ago. Though they were more powerful than regular humans and their senses proved superior, they were mutated in shape. This one in particular had a hunched back and one arm stretched to the floor. His face, though, seemed unscathed by the Forbade condition. 

"Fight!" The announcer shouted. Behind the Smiling Man, a little girl appeared. So, he was to defend her? It was a random condition, but the Chaos Hole was random in it's rulings. Bain, the hulking Forbade that now ran for him, had one arm tied to his waist. That was his condition, it seemed. Sadly, it was the shorter arm.

The Smiling Man grabbed the small girl behind him and jumped to the side as the hulking Forbade slammed into the wall. If they weren't projections, the wall would have probably broken. The Forbade cried out and charged at the Smiling Man once more. He simply allowed it. 

The Smiling Man sat the unresponsive girl down and pulled his coat sleeve up, revealing a mechanical arm. Though it was just as small as a regular human's arm, it stopped the Forbade in it's tracks. 

The Smiling Man pulled his arm from the dead Forbade's abdomen and watched as he, along with the little girl, disappeared. A smile spread over his face. He had won again. 

"The winner is the Smiling Man!" The announcer had yet to release the Smiling Man from the Chaos Hole for some reason. Usually he would disappear after the results. "What is your real name!?" the announcer yelled from above the Hole, "Because you beat Bain, you are our new champion!"

It was obviously a trap. Name's meant a lot. A man's name was his code. If you had it, you knew everything about him in recorded history. That wouldn't be satisfactory for the Smiling Man, so he thought. What name should he give? Aha, one he hadn't used in nearly five hundred years!

"My name is Drakmor Vayr," the Smiling Man replied.

The End

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