The Advanced Race

Another alien based story due to my drawings and figures which shall be created soon just trying to give the guys a little background.

The Naga pulled the rifle scope close to its eye peering into the surrounding valley, switching to infa-red  his attention was brought to some type of  life form creeping through the long grass.

Raising his rifle he attatched the scope silently and waited patiently, slowly they creeped closer to the Naga camp aiming slightly he squeezed the trigger the silencer muffled the shot but the scream from the distressed creature.

Crawling backwards through the grass towards the outpost he pulled on a heavy set of heat vision goggles peering into the dense surroundings he picked up more blotches of heat moving towards the outpost, he dashed for the doorway when the gunfire erupted in the dense surroundings bullets whizzing by and scorching burn marks onto the outer walls as he dived through the door he was welcomed by a friendly face,

"Arsvar, what happened?" hissed Farlong

"Im not sure" he hissed back " I picked up some movement and then i open fired on one, then suddenly they were swarming through the trees towards the outpost that was when i made me move"

Arsvar stood up gripping his rifle feeling the long wooden stock and the fat steel muzzle, gripping it tightly he walked up the stairs the firing platform  "Barricade the door"  he called down. The sound of heavy breathing came below as any matter of materials were pushed towards the doors.

Peering over the lip of the firing wall goggles fixed on his head he picked up the enemy life forms surrounding the tower, he squeezed the trigger a couple of times letting off short bursts of fire into the enemy ranks.

The End

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