The EndMature

Josh stood at the window of his tiny flat watching people rushing up and down the street under their umbrellas, the traffic wasn't moving, the cars were bumper to bumper. Behind him the kettle boiled, he ignored the screeching as he picked up some books and threw them onto his bed, he didn't even want a cup of tea anymore. The crap weather made him feel bad, especially in London. It made everything move faster, everyone moved faster. It made him feel even more out of place. He picked his phone up and looked at it. He didn't know why, it hadn't rang in over a week. He opened his fridge, not looking for anything in particular, he felt restless and pointless, there wasn't anything to do or anywhere to go. He shut the door and sighed. Maybe he would go for a drink. That would pass a few hours. He nodded at his decision and picked up his coat. He opened the door as he patted his pockets, keys, wallet, he looked up and stopped.

Erin stared back at him, they were both speechless. Staring at each other. She looked different, brighter, almost radiant. His stubble was back, forming a short beard.

''Hi'', she said finally.

''Hi'', Josh replied.

They stood silently again. The only sound was the horns of the cars outside. Erin shuffled uncomfortably.

''Let me take your bag'', Josh said suddenly, taking suitcase in Erin's hand.

''Oh no..ok thanks'', she said as he took it and brought it inside the flat.

She followed him in, looking around and smiling. It was exactly how he had described it. Except it was full of boxes, some half full, some sealed shut.

''Would you like something to drink?'', Josh asked awkwardly, looking through his presses, ''I don't have much here to eat...''.

''It's fine'', Erin said, ''are you moving?''.

He turned and looked at her, she was still looking around.

''Yeah, on Monday''.

They were silent again, neither sure of what to say.

''I read about Jane'', she said looking at him.

''Yeah, so did everyone''.

''It's great'', Erin said.

''Well Milan is what she wanted''.

''Is that where you're...''.


Erin nodded, an uncomfortable silence fell between them. Erin's heart was thumping in her chest, she was getting nervous. Her mouth went dry, she was beginning to wish she hadn't come.

''Erin why are you here?'', Josh asked, curiousity taking over.

''I wanted to see you'', she said bluntly, ''I missed you''.

''I..I don't know what to...''.

''I don't want you to say anything, I don't expect you to say anything. The past three weeks I've been thinking more than I ever have before and I don't want to waste another eight years missing you. I wasn't going to wait for...''.

''I have something for you'', Josh interupted.

Erin stopped and watched him, confused as he rumaged through a box on the floor. He finally pulled out a shoe box, he walked back towards her and handed it to her.

''What is it?'', she asked.

''Look in it''.

Erin opened the lid slowly, not sure what to expect, she gasped. Her stomach dropped, she threw the lid on the floor and leafed through the sheets of paper, feeling tears whell up in her eyes. She picked one of the sheets up and began reading. Josh shifted from one foot to the other, but never took his eyes off her.

''You did write'', Erin said quietly.

''I tried'', Josh replied.

Erin continued reading different letters, silent tears ran down her cheeks.

''Why are you showing me these now?'', she asked.

''I don't want to spend another eight years missing you either'', Josh replied.

Erin couldn't believe her ears, she hadn't been expecting this at all. She thought she would talk and he would turn her away. She didn't expect to find his hands on her face, his lips pressing against hers and tears running down his face.


They lay in his bed beside one another, their legs entangled. Erin ran her fingers up and down his chest and smiled.

''I hope this isn't a dream'', Josh said.

''No it's definately real'', Erin whispered, pinching him lightly.



Josh smiled and kissed her forehead, he lay his head back and closed his eyes.



''Where are you moving to?''.

''I got a little place in Dublin''.

Erin sat up and looked at him.

''Really?!'', she exclaimed.

''I want you to move with me'', Josh said opening an eye.

Erin stared at him open mouthed.

''I know it's soon and we've literally just gotten together...if that's what we're doing?'', Josh said, frowning a little in confusion.

''We might need a bigger place'', Erin said smiling shyly.


''Well...for the three of us''.

''Three? Are you?'', Josh stammered, ''Mine? I'm going to be...''.

''Yeah, I know you said about not wanting kids but that night in the club...''.

Josh kissed her. He smiled into her lips. Her heart leapt and she wrapped her arms around him. Finally, a happy ending.

The End

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