Twenty ThreeMature

The Doctor's waiting room was packed with the usual suspects, a few OAPs coughing into handkerchiefs, Mother's trying to keep their young children occupied and people sitting on their own trying to read an out of date magazine. Erin was one of those lone people, she was sitting at the window leaning her head against the cool glass, she watched the rain outside through swollen eyelids, the result of crying all night, again. She hadn't wanted to come to the Doctor but the weeks of crying and lack of eating real food had taken it's toll on her body.

"Erin Donnelly?'', the receptionist called.

Erin gladly got up, the child opposite her had started screaming hysterically. The receptionist smiled at her as she went into the Doctor's office.


Billy woke up slowly, his phone buzzing beside him. An arm wrapped around his waist. He smiled to himself before picking the phone up, Erin was calling, he answered it quickly.

''Erin? Is everything is ok?'', he asked.

''Yeah'', she answered, ''actually, everything is...well great''.

Billy sat up, confused at her sudden change in humour.


''Yeah. I went to the Doctor'', she said, he could hear her chopping something in the background, ''and I feel, fresh''.

''Well, that's great Erin'', Billy said still amazed.

''How are you?'', Erin asked lightly.

''Oh, I'm great'', Billy said looking down at the sleeping guy beside him.

''You have a guy over'', Erin said with a smile in her voice.

''Ha yeah'', he said shyly.

''Is it Gary?''.

Billy was shocked.

''Chleo told me'', Erin explained before he could say anything, ''she didn't want me to say anything but Billy, seriously it's great''.

''I..I..well thanks'', he stammered, ''it is great''.

''To be honest I always knew Gary was gay'', Erin said, ''I'm so happy for you guys, we'll meet up tomorrow for a dinner?''.

''Gary is working but I'll meet you, is that ok'?', Billy replied, Gary stirring beside him.

''Yup of course, I'll talk to you later. Bye!''.

Billy hung up and put his phone down, completely shocked. He didn't know how to react, he hadn't heard Erin speak normally in weeks. He was happy she felt better, but at the same time curious as to what the Doctor had done for her.


''Dan you won't believe who I bumped into'', Chleo said as she put the shopping bags down.

Dan didn't answer, he was reading through a contract.

''Dan? Give me attention?'', Chleo said clicking her fingers in front of his face.

''Huh?'', he replied looking up at her.

''You won't believe who I bumped into?''.


''Joshs' Mam''.

''So?'', Dan shrugged.

''What do you mean so?'', Chleo said putting her hand on her waist.

''We live in the same area, it's not like we're never ever gonna see her''.

''Yeeeah but that's not the point'', Chleo sighed.

''What's the point then?''.

''She told me something veeery interesting''.


Billy wandered into the busy restaurant, handing his soaking jacket to the hostess. He looked around for Erin, he saw her stand up and wave at him. He almost ran over, unable to hide his excitement.

''Hey'', he said hugging her, ''you look great, I barely recognised you''.

She did look great, she had gotten her hair done, it now shone a bright red under the lights and her skin was glowing. Erin smiled at him as they sat down.

''Yeah I thought I'd get my hair done, freshen myself up'', she smiled brightly.

''So, how are you feeling?'', Billy asked, still unsure of how to feel.

''Great Billy'', Erin replied, ''I feel amazing''.

''Really?'', he said suspiciously.

''Yes'', she laughed, ''I'm telling the truth, I really feel so much better''.

''Well ok then'', Billy said smiling, ''that's brilliant Erin''.

She sat forward and rested her head on her hands and smiled at him.

''What?'', he asked nervously.

''I'm just so happy'', she said sighing.

''What did the Doctor give you?'', Billy laughed.

Erin smiled and opened her menu. They read them in silence. Until Erin closed hers.

''I'm going away for a bit'', she said.

Billy looked up frowning.

''I wanted to tell you before I went'', she continued, ''I didn't want to disappear like...''.

''Last time?''.


''Where are you going?'', he asked.

''I..don't want to tell you'', she said slowly, ''I'm going tomorrow morning and I don't know when I'll be back. But I will be back before Christmas''.

''You can't just go Erin, you've been so down for the past 3 weeks, you can't just disappear for 3 months'', Billy said.

''I'm not disappearing'', she laughed, ''really, don't worry, if it doesn't go as planned I'll be back way before Christmas''.

''Erin, I'm not sure you...''.

''Please Billy, I really really need to do this, your support would mean a lot'', she said.

He looked at her, she did really need his support, he could see it in her eyes. He leaned forward and took her hands.

''If you have to do this I will support you''.

The End

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