Twenty TwoMature

Billy woke with a start, someone was banging on his door and laughing. He looked at his clock it was 1am. He got out of bed and walked over to the door, grabbing his umberella as he went, well he'd need some kind of weapon, he opened it slowly.

''Erin?'', he said.

She pushed the door open and stumbled in, giggling as she went.

''Erin what's wrong?'', Billy asked, ''are you drunk?''.

She spun around and looked at him with wide eyes, before bursting into laughter. She attempted to walk over to his couch but tripped over her own feet and fell onto the floor.

''Erin'', Billy said, annoyed at her now, ''what are you doing?''.

She held up her hand to shush him and smiled.

''I'm celebrating'', she said smiling dumbly.

''Celebrating what?'', Billy asked.



Erin nodded and looked up at him, she looked like a child sitting there smiling. Billy didn't know what to think. He was confused, and tired.

''What happened before you went for a drink Erin?'', he said slowly.

Her smiled faded and she shrugged, she ran her hand along the carpet.

''Did you go to Josh?'', Billy said.

''Yes'', Erin snapped.

''Oh Erin'', Billy said sitting down beside her, ''what did he say?''.

''Oh he's going to England to live in blissful loveness with Janey Fat Face Bitch'', Erin said avoiding eye contact, Billy could see tears starting to roll down her face.

Billy didn't know what to say, part of him had expected Josh to go back to Jane, he felt angry, disappointed in Josh. He also felt bad for Erin, sitting on his floor, drunk and crying. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

''He's not worth it'', he said, ''don't cry''.

Erin's few tears turned into full on waterworks then, she clutched at Billy's top and sobbed into his chest. He stroked her hair.

''It's unfair'', she cried, ''everyone leaves''.

''That's not true Erin you still have me and Chleo and...''.

''No, no, no'', she interrupted, ''I don't. You two have new lives. It's not fair. My Dad left, then my Mam, now Josh. I just want to be happy, all I want is him''.

Billy couldn't speak, he didn't know what to say. In all the years he had known her he had never seen her cry like this. He had never seen her this heartbroken.

''She won't let him have kids'', Erin bawled, ''he told me, he told me he didn't want kids. That's not it...she's a...bitch...she...takes...every...thing...people.....want....away..''.

She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.

''Calm down Erin'', Billy said rubbing her back gently, ''sssh. Everything will be ok''.


Days passed slowly for Erin, she went back to work. Spending most of her time there. Going in an hour early and coming home late. She felt numb, like someone had taken everything that made her human from her, she was a robot. Waking up, going to work, coming home. With intervals for eating. She didn't want to see Chleo and Billy. She turned her phone off, she hadn't turned it on for 2 weeks. Chleo had called around once, but she hadn't again. She knew Erin needed time and space to clear her head.

Erin often woke in the night crying. All she dreamt about was him. When she closed her eyes all she saw was his face, his smile, his chocolate eyes, she could still smell him, hear his voice. She didn't want to be reminded of him, so she tried not to sleep, she sat up at night reading or just sitting on the couch. She'd sometimes catch herself picturing life with Josh. Imagining what it would be like if he had stayed. 


''Billy I'm so worried about Erin'', Chleo said to him on the phone.

''I know me too'', Billy sighed, ''she didn't even get this bad back when...well yknow''.

''Yeah, I wish she would turn her phone on''.

''Well, I managed to get into her place the other day'', Billy said.

''She let you in?'', Chleo said unable to hide her suprise.

''It was struggle. She looked terrible Chleo'', Billy said worried, ''she said she didn't feel well, she said it must just be work stress''.

''It's the stress of sitting around all day feeling like shit''.

''I know, but I think she said she was going to go see a doctor'', he said, ''she said she's having problem's sleeping. But, whether she does or not''.

''I really hope she does Billy. I'm so worried about her...What if she tries to...''.

''She won't'', Billy said shaking his head, ''she won't do that again''.

''How do you know? It took her 3 years to tell you she tried to kill herself'', Chleo said.

Billy was quiet, Chleo was right. Erin wasn't going to tell them anything, she was pretending she was stressed, why would she tell them she had starting hurting herself again?

 ''I'm sorry Billy'', Chleo said quietly.

''No Chleo, you're right. We need to do an intervention''.

The End

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