Josh poked his head around the door, no one was in the hall, he slowly came out of the little room, followed by Erin. She shut the door behind them and they walked in silence back to the others. When they got back to the booth only Chleo and Billy were sitting there, deep in conversation. Erin and Josh slid into the booth beside them.

''Aaand where were you twooo?'', Billy asked, slurring slightly.

Chleo giggled and slapped him playfully.

''Probably doooing it'', she said lying her head on his shoulder.

''Shut up'', Erin smiled looking at Josh shyly.

''Can I ask you something?'', Billy said loudly pointing at Josh, well trying, ''when are you going to make an honest woman out of Erin? Cause you guys have been spending like all your time together aaaand you obviously enjoy bonin...''.

''Billy stop'', Chleo said biting her lip.

She was looking over Josh's shoulder, they all looked in that direction and saw Jane standing there, hand on hip and an expression that read ''oh really''. Josh's stomach jumped and Erin blushed. Dean was behind Jane tutting and shaking his head, copying Jane's stance.

''Em, can I talk to you Josh?'', Jane said icily, ''in private''.

''Anything you want to say to him you can say in front of us'', Chleo said, who seemed to suddenly sober up.

Jane glared at Chleo, but sat at the booth opposite Josh. Dean stayed standing with his hand on Jane's shoulder, Erin wasn't suprised they had become allies so quickly. They were basically each other.

''So''', Jane said looking Josh straight in the eye, ''you have been fucking her behind my back?''.

''Well,'' Josh said slowly, he wished now he hadn't drank that vodka, ''yes, but Jane, we're not together. You said so yourself. You're the one who wanted the break''.

Erin looked down at her hands, she didn't want to be in the middle of this. She wanted to go home. She zoned out of the argument, everyone's voices blended together until they became white noise. It wasn't until the shouting started that she rejoined it.

''You know I wouldn't have even cared if you slept with someone else, except it had to be her'', Jane was shouting and pointing at Erin, ''you had to pick the freak''.

''Hey'', Chleo said angrily, ''who the fuck do you think you are talking to?''.

''Shut up'', Jane snapped, ''don't even get me started on you''.

''Josh you better get this bitch out of here before...''.

''Everybody calm down'', Billy was begging.

''Of course you want your say'', Dean suddenly became involved, ''he'll probably just defend Josh, all cheaters will stick together''.

''Billy has nothing to do with this'', Josh said to Dean.

''What did she do to win you back Josh?'', Jane sneered, ''threathen to kill herself again. Did she beg you to save you from her sick Uncle?''.

Nobody responded, Erin was shocked. How did Jane know all this? Jane looked around triumphantly. Chleo's face was flushed with anger and Billy looked as though he was about to leap across the table at Jane. Dean, of course, looked confused.

''What did you just say?'', Josh said, his voice shaking.

''You heard me, what did you not think I could find out?'', Jane said, smiling, ''it's not that hard yknow. I rang your old school up''.

''You're pathetic'', Chleo snapped, ''you are a stupid, pathetic bitch. You don't deserve Josh, hell you don't deserve anything. Come on''.

She pushed Erin along the seat, Josh got up letting them pass. Billy followed.


Dean looked from Billy to Jane, then back to Billy.

''I think you and your friends have embarrassed me enough for tonight'', he said coolly.

Billy didn't have time to respond, Chleo had grabbed his arm and was pulling him towards the exit, Erin followed them slowly, not even looking back at Josh. She could barely walk, her legs felt weak, her mouth was dry, she didn't want to start crying. Not in front of people, she didn't want to be that girl. There would be plenty of time for it at home.

Josh turned back to Jane.

''I can't fucking believe you'', he yelled.

She looked shocked, she had never seen him shout before. Especially not at her.

''Josh she's just using you...''.

''Shut up'', he snapped, ''you better find a hotel to stay in tonight I don't want to be around you''.

The End

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