Erin looked at herself in the mirror, she smiled and turned around looking back at the reflection. The black wiggle dress complimented her curves and the red heels she had on matched her lips, perfecting the look. She had even gone to the effort of doing her hair, she looked like she had stepped straight out of a pin-up calender. There was a knock at her door, Chleo was early for once. Erin opened the door to see Chleo posing in the hall.

''Darling I'm here'', she said dramatically.

She ran in and hugged Erin.

''You look like Marilyn Monroe'', she squeeled, ''but with brown hair, and you're yknow, alive''.

Erin giggled, they went over to her kitchen and Chleo hopped up on a stool. Erin rooted through a cabinet while Chleo talked about Dan's broken leg, courtesy of Froggie's hole digging skills. Erin spun around holding a bottle of Mickey Finns.

''It was quite funny...PRE SHOTS'', Chleo exclaimed.

Erin took out 6 shot glasses and filled them up. The two women took hold of their first one.

''1...2...3'', Erin said.


''Are you ready Dean?'', Billy called from the door.

''Yup, I'm coming now''.

Billy smiled to himself, things had been different the past week. Dean had been making a big effort to play the part of loving boyfriend. They were even going to be at the club on time. Billy thought it was odd that Josh had suggested a club, they hadn't gone to a club at all since he or Erin came back, actually Billy and Chleo hadn't been in a club in about 4 years. He presumed it was Josh's girlfriend [or ex, whichever they were], who decided it would be a club. Billy wasn't really looking forward to tonight, after talking to Chleo the day before he imagined Josh and a tyrant would be waiting for them, and he didn't how Erin would be.

''Dean the taxi is here now'', Billy said, ''I'm going to go down and wait''.

Dean followed him down soon after and they took off in the direction of the mysterious club Billy had never heard of. As they pulled up he could see a huge queue of people outside a black building on which was written ''Spats''.

''Oh.My.God'', Dean said as they got out of the taxi


''Don't you know where we are?''.


''Yes, clearly. This is the like most exclusive, newest club around'', Dean explained.

''Oh right, how are we...''.


Billy looked toward the voice, it was Josh behind the rope at the bouncers. He went over to him.

''How are we supposed to get in?'', he asked Josh looking down at the queue.

''Don't worry you are on the list'', Josh said, ''these guys are with me''.

The bouncer undid the rope and Dean and Billy walked by, feeling the glares of every single person lined up. They followed Josh through double doors to a wide open room, Dean looked around open mouthed. Everything was gold and purple. Josh led them to a private section where Erin and Chleo were already sitting.

''Whoa you guys look great'', Billy said as he slid into the booth.

''Thanks'', they said.

''So where is your mysterious lady?'', Dean asked Josh smiling.

''Dunno'', Josh shrugged, Billy couldn't help but notice he looked extremely unhappy, ''she was here but I haven't seen her since before the girls arrived''.

The girls, Billy couldn't help but notice, were already tipsy.

''Oh boooo'', Chleo said, Erin laughing beside her, ''who caaaaares just sit down and have a drink''.

Josh smiled and rolled his eyes, he sat down beside Erin who blushed. A waiter came around with a tray of drinks.

''From, Ms. Jane Reynolds'', he said, ''she told me to tell you that some work came up and she will be with you shortly''.

''Ms. Jane Reynolds'', Chleo said in a posh voice, ''fancy schmancy''.

They all laughed as Chleo took a drink, leaving her small finger sticky out. Josh leaned into Erin and covered his mouth.

''You look really hot'', he whispered.

She looked at him and smiled as she took a drink. She leaned towards him and whispered in his ear.

''It's a pity she is with us tonight'', she said.

Josh smiled but Erin looked at him seriously. He looked away, feeling embarrassed and guilty.

''Hello everyone''.

They all looked up, Jane was standing there in a short silver cocktail dress, her blonde hair in curls around her shoulders.

''I'm Jane'', she said, her eyes flicking briefly over to Erin, ''it's nice to finally meet you all''.

''Oh my God you are just gorgeous'', Dean exclaimed.

Jane smiled, she knew she was gorgeous.

''Yeah you're alright'', Chleo said winking.

Jane's smile turned into a frown. She sat down beside Dean and looked Chleo up and down, Chleo didn't care in the slightest she returned the look and went back to talking to Erin.

''Eh, Jane this is Dean, Billy, Chleo and you already met Erin'', Josh said.

''Yeah I did, nice to see you again'', she said to Erin.

''Indeed'', Erin said, before she and Chleo burst into a fit of giggles.

Josh and Billy smiled, but Dean oblivious to it all turned to Jane.

''So how long have you two been seeing each other?'', he asked her.

''We're not...'', Josh started.

''Oh, like 4 years now'', Jane cut him off smiling.

''That's so romantic, me and Billy are together 6''.

''Oh my God you're gay'', Jane exclaimed, ''I've always wanted a gay best friend''.

The two of them started giggling together. Chleo leaned into Erin.

''I think they should fuck each other'', she said.

Erin spat her drink out laughing. Receiving looks of disgust from Dean and Jane and looks of confusion from the other two. 

''I think I'm going to get a drink'', she said slowly.

Josh got up as she shuffled out from the booth, she went towards the bar looking behind her at Chleo and laughing.

''She has a lovely figure'', Jane said smiling.

Chleo raised an eyebrow and Billy frowned, Jane's tone was completely sarcastic. Josh also looked pissed off at her. Dean was as usual oblivious.

''She's very...busty'', Jane continued taking a sip of her champagne.

''Yeah Erin does have great tits'', Billy said leaning back and looking at Chleo, ''how big are they again?''.

''34F'', Chleo and Josh answered, Josh blushed he didn't even mean to answer.

Jane's eyes flashed anger and Chleo couldn't help but giggle at Josh's response.

''If I was a girl I'd much rather big boobs'', Billy said acting casual, ''I mean it's much better than having beestings''.

He looked at Jane's stick thing figure, she was a ironing board as far as he was concerned.

''I think it can make girls look fat'', Jane shrugged.

''Well I think'', Chleo said with a serious expression, ''now correct me if I'm wrong, please''.

Billy laughed at her expression, she looked as though she was in a serious debate.

''Studies have proven'', she continued, ''that men, actually prefer curvier girls as opposed to size nothing. Can you believe that?''.

She looked at Jane with a pretend shocked expression, she enjoyed challenging this girl. Who the hell did she think she was acting as though she was the greatest thing on the Earth, she even sat like she thought everyone else was below her.

''You do, don't you Josh?'', Chleo said, not taking her eyes off Jane.

Josh didn't answer, he didn't need to. Jane knew what he would say and she wasn't going to be embarrassed on her night. Billy cleared his throat and smiled at everyone, Dean copied his smile, clearly confused as to what was going on.

''I'm going to the jacks, I'll be back in a minute'', Josh said leaving the booth.

As he made his way through the crowd he took a deep breath. She had wanted to meet all his friends but he knew they wouldn't take to her and he knew Chleo would make it obvious that Jane wasn't welcome. Although Jane was completely out of line taking a dig at Erin. Suddenly an arm shot out and pulled Josh into a small dark room.

''What the...''.

''Shut up'', Erin giggled.

''Where are we?'', he asked her.

''I dunno, it's some kind of broom room'', she answered, she giggled again, ''broom room''.

He felt her shuffling by him a bit and heard the door being locked.

''What are you doing?'', he said smiling.


''You're pissed''.

''Ssssh'', she said tripping over something, ''I brought something''.

He heard her opening a bottle something.

''Did you steal drink?'', he laughed.

''Pffft no just borrowed some'', Erin replied.

He heard her drinking from it before passing it to him.

''Why do we have to be in here to do this?'', he asked after taking a few mouthfuls.

''Caaause'', Erin said, he could feel her pressed agaist him, it wasn't like there was much room for them to not be pushed against each other, ''then other people would know about me being bad...Now, drink the bottle''.

''The whole thing?''.

''Yes, lets get hammered in the dark broom room'', she said.

Josh shrugged and began drinking. The vodka was horrible, it burned his throat and nose, but he downed it. Immediately he felt it going to his head.



He could feel her breath against his neck, it gave him goosebumps. His head felt funny, he hadn't been really drunk in a long time.

''I don't love Jane'', he said quietly.

''I know''.

''I don't love...''.

She started kissing him, he felt the same burning passion he had felt that first night they were together. He pushed her up against the wall as she fumbled with his belt. He ran his hand from her neck to her chest and smiled into the kiss. He did prefer curvy girls. He moaned as she got past the obstacle of the button on his jeans [a difficult thing to undo when drunk].

''I want you so bad'', she whispered.

Josh didn't care that Jane was probably caught in a huge argument with Chleo, he didn't care that she was waiting on him to come back. He lifted Erin, who wrapped her legs around his waist, this was all he cared about right now. Erin's voice, Erin's taste, Erin's touch.

The End

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