''She actually said that?'', Chleo laughed.

Erin took a a sip of her tea and nodded. Chleo leant back and folded her arms, smiling.

''She sounds like a bitch'', she said.

''Well, she comes off as a bitch'', Erin replied.

''What does he see in her?''.

Erin shrugged and gave a weak smile. She honestly didn't know what he saw in Jane. Although she didn't really know her, maybe she came off cold and bitchy. She might actually be nice.

''I know what you're thinking'', Chleo said smiling, ''not everyone is made up of layers, some people are horrible and that's it''.

''I know'', Erin sighed, ''she just doesn't seem the type of girl Josh would usually go for''.

''Chicky Poo, he's only had 3 girlfriends in his whole life''.

''What?'', Erin almost spat out her tea.

''Yeah, when he went over to Oxford he wasn't seeing anyone for like a year'', Chleo said, leaning forward and lowering her voice as if he was in the room, ''then he was seeing this Australian girl for about a year a bit, then he was single for ages again and then he met Jane''.

''He had told me he hadn't slept with anyone he wasn't going out with'', Erin said mimicking Chleo's tone, ''I thought he would've had loads of girlfriends though''.

Chleo shrugged and sat back.

''Him and Jane have been going through a really rough patch for like a year now'', she said, ''they haven't had sex in like 6 months or something''.

Erin looked out the window and drank her tea, then looked back to Chleo.

''How do you know all this?'', she asked her smiling.

''I told you, me and Josh never really lost contact, he told me everything about Jane'', Chleo explained.


''Pretty much''.

''Tell me something about her'', Erin said smiling innocently.

Chleo looked at her frowning, then smiled and shuffled her chair closer to her.

''Her nose is fake, so if you are going to punch her aim there'', she said.

Erin giggled.

''Aaaand she gets really jealous, like even of Josh's Mam, who she has never met'', Chleo continued, ''she doesn't drink anything but champagne, she comes from an extremely wealthy family and her biggest fear is being poor''.

''Did she go to Oxford too?''.

''Yeah but she dropped out after 2 years, the only reason she has such a high profile job is because her Daddy practically bought it for her, she pretty much lives off him''.

''She sounds like Dean'', Erin laughed, ''only a bit classier''.

They sat in silence for a while, watching Ryan and Katie having a water fight in the back garden, Dan had brought a suprise home in the form of a goldren retriever puppy. It was bouncing around the garden after the two kids, blissfully unaware it had been given the unfortunate name of Froggie. Ryan's choice.

''So what are you going to do now?'', Chleo asked Erin looking back at her.

''What ya mean?''.

''Like what's the story with you and Josh now that Jane is back?''.

''I dunno'', Erin shrugged, ''I guess we had a laugh?''.

''Are you upset?''.


''Are you sure?'', Chleo said suspiciously.

''Yup'', Erin smiled, ''it's fine, we knew it wasn't a serious thing''.

''Suppose'', Chleo said quietly.

Erin knew Chleo was disappointed, she probably wanted them to end up together. Silence fell again, Chleo was running her finger around the rim of her cup, she looked like she was in deep thought. She swirled the dregs of tea around and frowned a little.

''What's up Chleo?'', Erin asked her.

''Billy came over yesterday'', Chleo said seriously, ''he told me about cheating on Dean''.

''Oh yeah, that'', Erin said, ''what did you say?''.

''I told him to kick Dean out''.

''Me too''.

''He rang me this morning though, just before you arrived'', Chleo sighed, ''he's not kicking him out. They're going to try 'work it out'''.

''What? Why?''.

''Oh I don't know'', Chleo rolled her eyes, ''something about Dean wanted to make it work or whatever. I think he's being ridiculously stupid. He knows Dean is no good for him''.

''It's not the first time he's been hanging around someone no good for him'', Erin muttered, thinking back to Frank.

''Dean's not that bad Erin'', Chleo said, ''he's just a dick. It's not like he's going to get him fucking addicted again''.


''Anyway, he told me something and I need to get it off my chest'', Chleo said, ''but you can't tell anyone else Erin''.

''I won't'', Erin said worried, ''what did he tell you?''.

''Who he cheated on Dean with''.


Jane and Josh were still in the kitchen, sitting at the table. Josh didn't know what to say to her. He hated her at the moment for turning up like that. She thought she was being a great girlfriend suprising him. She was looking around the kitchen, clearly bored out of her tree.

''What are you doing here Jane?'', Josh asked finally.

''To see you silly'', Jane smiled.

''Yeah but why?''.

''Because you wanted me to visit'', she said.

''Yes, when we were together'', he replied crossing his arms.

Jane frowned at him.

''Listen Josh I didn't fly all the way across here to fight about it'', she said.

''It's a 40 minute flight Jane, it's not that difficult'', he said rolling his eyes.

''I came over to be with you'', she said ignoring him, ''I wanted to meet your family''.

''Jane, I do not want you to be here'', Josh said slowly.

''Well, I'm staying'', she snapped, ''I am going to meet your family and we are going to work this mess out''.

Josh couldn't argue back, he knew Jane wouldn't leave. She would kick and scream until she got her way, a habit she picked up from her equally spoilt Mother. He looked at her pageant girl smile and couldn't help but feel complete contempt towards her.

''Fine'', he said shrugging, ''you can stay in the guest room''.

''Can I not stay...''.

''No, you are staying in the guest room'', Josh snapped.

''Fine then'', she smiled, she had gotten what she wanted.


A Few Days Later

''Oh Marie your taste in restaurant is spectacular'', Jane exclaimed as they sat down in the cosy Italian on the Marina, ''this place is so...cosy''.

Josh's Mother gave her a polite smile, but Josh knew inside she was screaming. Everyone was. She also knew 'cosy' was Jane's way of saying below standard, everything in Hilltown was 'cosy' to Jane. Josh's Father was having an equally bad time, finding Jane's demanding attitude too much to cope. Jane's attempt at making conversation with him usually ended up in her talking and his Father nodding and smiling. Josh couldn't wait for Sunday when Jane left.

''So, Jane'', Marie said as they read their menus, ''have you met any of Josh's friends yet?''.

''Hmm, I met one'', Jane said throwing on the fake smile, ''what was her name? Emma?''.

She looked at Josh, he knew she was testing his reaction.

''That was Erin Jane'', he said ignoring her glare.

''Oh Erin'', Marie said excitedly, ''she's a lovely girl. Isn't she Tony?''.

''Yeah, she's great'', Tony replied smiling.

''She practically lived with us back when Josh was in 6th year'', Marie continued, Jane pretended to look interested, ''they had a little thing going on''.

''Mam'', Josh blushed.

''Oh don't be all embarrassed, it was years ago'', Marie said laughing at him, ''she had an awful childhood that girl, she never spoke about it but everyone knew what her Mother was like''.

''Oh, what was she like?'', Jane asked feigning interest.

''She was terrible, an alcoholic, used to have different men over every night. It's a wonder Erin turned out so..well civilised...''.

''Mam, I think that's enough'', Josh said sharply, ''that's Erin's private business''.

They all fell silent, Josh regretted snapping at his Mother but if he knew Jane she was cooking up some kind of plan. She couldn't stand the thought of Josh ever having another girl in his life, even if it was just a friend.

The End

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