''My parents are gone for the weekend you know'', Josh said as they cleared up the plates.

''That's cool'', Erin said absentmindedly putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

''You can stay, the night'', Josh suggested leaning up against the counter, ''if you want''.

''I suppose I could'', Erin replied, ''I don't have anything to change into though''.

''You can borrow some of my clothes for the night'', Josh said, ''I'll wash your dress and have it dry by the morning''.

Erin wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him.

''You've thought this through'', she said smiling.

''I just...I thought it'd be nice, you wouldn't have to go all the way back home'', Josh blushed.

''I'd love to stay'', Erin pecked his lips, ''can I have a shower?''.

''Sure, you know where it is''.


She left the room and ran upstairs to the shower. Josh smiled after her, he was looking forward to tonight, even if it was only spent watching tv or talking. He continued cleaning the kitchen, remembering the times he would sneak over to Erin's to stay at night and those few months she practically lived with his family. He shook his head in an effort to get those thoughts out of his head, he had to keep reminding himself, things were a lot different now.


Billy threw he coat down as he walked back into the apartment. Dean was sitting on the armchair, which he had pulled over to the window. He didn't look at Billy as he settled back down at the table to finished correcting his papers. The walk had done him good, he was fully prepared for whatever crap Dean was going to throw at him. Mostly because he had ended up at Chleo's and she spoke her mind, giving Billy some inspiration. After a few minutes of silence, the chair opposite him got pulled out and Dean sat on it looking straight at him.

''I'm sorry'', Dean said, ''I'm sorry I reacted badly. It's my fault you aren't happy''.

Billy looked up dumbfounded, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, an apology from Dean, the self confessed 'Spoilt Diva'.

''W-what?'', Billy stammered.

''I'm sorry'', Dean repeated.

''Are you taking the piss?'', Billy asked frowning.

''No. I swear Billy, I'm not. I am 100% sorry, for everything I've done to make you not want to be with me anymore'', Dean said.

''Em, ok then'', Billy said slowly, unsure of what he was meant to be thinking. He had been ready for a tantrum not this, not a civilised human being.

Dean smiled weakly at him and left the table, he went over to the couch and turned the telly on, Billy smiled to himself. He was right to now have kicked Dean out. He knew somewhere inside of Dean there was a grown up.


Erin stretched and opened her eyes, it was 11am. She had slept like a baby. She pushed back the blankets, Josh was already up, she could hear him downstairs singing, she giggled to herself as she walked down the landing, all the cheesy pictures were still on the walls. A few newer ones had been added, one of Josh graduating, his brother's wedding, one of the whole family on a holiday taken a few years ago. She smiled sadly, she couldn't help but imagine herself in some of the pictures. As she went into the kitchen Josh was reading a newspaper.

''Hey'', he smiled, ''your dress is there''.

He nodded over to her clothes, hanging neatly on the back of a chair. She pulled his borrowed clothes off and changed there and then.

''Do you want breakfast?'', Josh asked walking over to the cupboard.

''Ehm...'', Erin said looking at the clock, she should get going to her Mam's, ''no I'm ok, I have to get going.

''Oh alright'', Josh said, a little disappointed.

''Sorry'', Erin said giving him a peck on the cheek, ''I'd love to hang around but I made some plans, maybe I'll see you later?''.

''Yeah, that'd be nice'', Josh smiled.

The front door opened and shut, Josh made a confused face.

''Mam? Dad?'', he called.

The kitchen door swung open, Josh's stomach dropped, as did Erin's as she looked at the skinny, blonde woman, with the big sunglasses. The woman dropped her bags on the floor and pushed her sunglasses up onto her head, she had deep brown eyes. She raised an eyebrow at Erin.

''Jane?'', Josh said confused.

''Yeah'', she beamed, showing perfectly white, straight teeth, ''suprise''.

She walked over to Josh and planted a kiss on his cheek.

''You glad to see me babe?'', she asked wrapping her arms around his waist.

Erin's mouth went dry, this was Jane? She was nothing like what Erin had expected, all Gucci and Prada. She looked like a barbie. Not the hippy, artsy girl Erin had imagined.

''Em yeah'', Josh said wiggling uncomfortably out of her grip, ''how did you get into the house?''.

''Oh remember you told me about the key under the frog like thousands of years ago'', she giggled, ''well I thought I'd sneak over and suprise you''.

''That's very nice of you'', Josh said, triyng to smile.

Jane let go of him and looked at Erin with a fake smile.

''Who are you?'', she asked her, placing a hand on her hip.

''I'm Erin'', Erin replied returning a smile just as fake.

''Right'', Jane said squinting her eyes a little, ''and what, if I may ask, are you doing here in my boyfriend's house?''.

''I came...'', she looked at Josh.

''She needed to borrow a few photos I had, from school days'', Josh said quickly, ''I'll just run and get them''.

Erin threw him a pleading look as he left the room. She looked back at Jane and smiled.

''So you're Jane, it's nice to meet you'', she said.

''Yeah'', Jane replied looking Erin up and down, ''how do you know each other?''.

''We went to school together, we were really close friends'', Erin said trying to keep her voice casual.

''How close?''.

Erin almost flinched at Jane's tone.


''Listen,'' Jane cut across her, ''whatever he may have told you about our relationship, I wouldn't believe it, ok? You seem like a nice girl, naive maybe''.

Erin almost laughed in Jane's face.

''But, if I found out that you were doing anything with him before I arrived'', Jane continued, ''I will fucking take you down''.

''I can assure you'', Erin said stepping towards her, ''that me and your boyfriend are just friends and if you talk to me like that again princess, I will take you down''.

At that moment Josh came through the door holding a photo album, he handed it to Erin and smiled.

''Here you go'', he said.

''Thanks'', Erin grinned.

She gave him a tight hug.

''I wouldn't introduce her to Chleo'', she whispered in his ear, then she stepped back, ''bye then. Nice meeting you Jane''.

Erin left the house and walked calmly down the driveway and the road. Once she was out of sight of the house she sat on a low wall and put her head in her hands. She was acting stupid, she knew Jane would appear eventually. She didn't know what time it was and regretted leaving her phone at home. Erin knew she should go to her Mother's house but facing that mess would only make her feel worse, instead she turned left walking towards Chleo's estate. At least Chleo would laugh about this.

The End

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