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Erin and Josh were lying in his bed, she was resting her head on his chest and drawing with her finger. He closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch, still amazed at the sex they had just had. They could hear the rain outside, a typical Irish summer, it was soothing.

''Let's go somewhere'', Erin whispered, ''let's go to a house with no tv or phone or computer, a completely isolated house. We can just live there for a few days''.

''What will we do at this house?'', Josh asked.

''I don't know'', she shrugged, ''read, paint, walk. I would give anything to get away for a while''.


''I remembered why I didn't like Dublin''.

''Why is that?''.

She shrugged again and closed her eyes, Josh ran his hand up and down her back, her skin was smooth but cold. She had always had cool skin, even on the hottest days her body would still feel cold, Josh liked that, he liked all her little quirks, like how when she smiled her eyes crinkled, he liked how small her ears were and how slight her wrists were. He liked that she wasn't stick thin, he liked to run his hands along her side, going along with her curves, he liked that she liked his crappy apartment even though she had never been there. He liked all these things, but she would always be the girl who broke his heart.


Dean watching Britain's Next Top Model when Billy got home, he was still in his pjs and on his 4th bowl of Coco Pops. Billy sat at the table correcting homework, how he usually spent his Saturday afternoons. He thought about what Erin said, he should kick Dean out. As he flicked through the essays he debated in his head. Maybe if he told Dean he had cheated it would wake him up, Dean might realise their relationship wasn't working. Maybe Dean would appreciate him more and try harder to be a boyfriend. If nothing changed then Billy would kick him out. That plan made sense. He put his pen down and looked over at Dean, whose eyes were glued to the telly.

''Dean?'', Billy said.

No response. There was a cat fight going on, Dean loved a good cat fight. Billy got up and walked over to the telly, Dean's eyes flicked from the screen to Billy watching him closely. Billy stood in front of it.


''Oh my God would you move I'm trying to watch something here'', Dean snapped.

Billy frowned and hit the off button, the screen went blank. He almost laughed at Dean, staring at him from the couch with his mouth wide open, as though Billy had just killed someone.

''What the fuck did you do that for?'', Dean exclaimed, ''you are just so rude, I don't even know why I put up with your attitude Billy, you're just a dick. You never do anything for me, you just drag me around with your poxy friends and make me be quiet. You are closeting me Billy, you won't even let me watch my show now. What the hell is up with that? I am sick of playing houswife to you, just cause you think you're the all powerful alpha male, I'll have you know that I don't need to be with you, I have a modelling career''.

Billy waited until Dean finished his rant, a completely irrelevant rant that he had learnt off from some tv show he was in, a tv show that unsuprisingly got cancelled after 3 episodes . Billy knew the words by now.

''You know that wasn't even your character who had those lines right?'', he said to Dean.

''At least I had a character''.

Billy rolled his eyes, Dean's comebacks never made any sense.

''We have to talk'', he said sitting on the armchair opposite Dean.

''Urgh'', Dean groaned, ''what's wrong with you now?''.

Billy looked at the floor for a while, was this really going to be worth it? He could hear Dean tapping his foot impatiently. He took a deep breath and looked up.

''I cheated on you''.


Billy was expecting this dramatic outburst, which would be acceptable had Dean been completely loyal to him but since Dean had cheated too many times to count, this was ridiculous. Borderline hilarious.

''I, I cannot'', Dean said quieter putting his hand out as if to push Billy back, even though he hadn't moved, ''I cannot even look at you''.

He stood up dramatically and covered his eyes, Billy tried not to laugh as Dean stormed out of the room. He knew Dean would stay in the bedroom for a while, probably just reading a magazine or looking at himself, then he would come out, looking depressed and expect Billy to feel bad. Billy got up and grabbed his coat, a walk was in order.


Josh was making pancakes, He looked out the garden and saw Erin dancing in the rain. He smiled, she was different than how she used to be, the way she looked at the world, it was much more, positive. He didn't know if she still spoke to her Mother, or that Uncle. He felt sick remembering how horrible it had been for her, seeing her now, perfectly healthy and apparently happy amazed him, she had made it through so much. She was right when she left all those years ago, she needed to be by herself. She had found herself somewhere in those countries.

Erin lay down on the grass, she didn't care that it was wet, she closed her eyes and let herself get soaked, it reminded her of India, she wished she was there now, or back in Thailand, there was nothing really stopping her, maybe she would go back, maybe she wouldn't go back alone. She didn't want to alone anymore. Her Mam popped into her head, Erin had promised to visit her the next day, she didn't know why, it always ended up the same. Erin would clean the house, her Mam would promise to get better, they would sit in silence watching telly, she would promise to come around again, then the cycle continued. Erin shook her head, she didn't want to think about the bad stuff anymore, lying here in the rain was good and having a hot shower after would be great.

She decided it was time to go so she got up and ran into the house just as Josh was putting the pancakes down on the table. He looked at her and laughed.

''You're soaked through'', he said.

''That's the point'', Erin replied, shamelessly taking the wet clothes off, ''it's cleansing. You should try it''.

''Maybe I will''.

''It gives you a good perspective'', Erin said as she tucked into her pancakes.

''On what?''.

''Life, duh''.


''I dunno'', she shrugged, ''it does for me, lying there in the rain, it helps me get my head straight, helps me make decisions. Gets my priorities sorted out''.

''Oh right'', Josh said slowly, ''maybe I should try it then, I need a bit of sorting''.

Erin looked at him worriedly.

''Do you want to talk?'', she said cocking her head and smiling.

''No it's fine'', Josh said returning the smile, ''I'll just go sit in the rain for a while''.

''Hey, don't knock it till you try it'', Erin grinned, ''like your cooking''.

''I told you I could cook''.

''Well I say I can cook too, I can cook if there is a microwave''.

The End

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