Josh still couldn't understand why Erin had acted so strangly the night before. He lay back on his bed and thought. He didn't say anything offensive or to upset her. Maybe it was her time of the month or maybe she was just feeling down. Either way, she wouldn't say anything. She hadn't even hugged him goodbye. He had tried to ring her but her phone went straight to voicemail, he was worried. Now that he thought about it they had never talked about her past problems, he felt bad, what if she still self harmed. What if she was after killing herself? Josh began to panic. Should he go around? No, if he went around and she was fine and he said something she might react badly. But, if she wasn't ok. His phone rang and he grabbed it up.


''Erin?'', Jane's voice answered.

''Oh, hey'', Josh mentally slapped himself, ''how are you?''.

''Who is Erin?''.

''A friend, what's up Jane?''.

''I'm just letting you know that I'm going out of the country for a while with Lorraine and Gwen, so you won't be able to get in touch with me'', she said, as though he had been ringing her every day.

''Ok then''.

''Do you not want to know where I'm going?''.

''Probably somewhere fabulous'', Josh replied rolling his eyes.

''Not quite'', she replied sighing, ''but work calls''.

''So I believe''.

An awkward silence fell between them, Josh wished he could just get rid of her, cut her out of his life completely.

''Josh?'', she said quietly, she sounded broken, nothing like the confident girl Josh knew, ''I have to go, I've got a report to do and my deadline is tomorrow morning. I'll talk to you soon though yeah?''.

''Yeah'', he sighed.

''Ok. Bye''.

''See you''.

She stayed on the phone for a few more seconds, as though she wanted to say more. Then the line went dead. He didn't love her. He knew that, he knew that they'd probably never go any further than this. They couldn't even talk to each other anymore. Josh lay back down on his bed and rang Erin's number again, still no answer. Josh was bored here, he spent his days waiting for someone to call and give him a job. His Mother hadn't mentioned Jane visiting since that dinner but he knew she was expecting her to arrive soon

There was knock at the door.

''Yup?'', Josh said sittingup, he thought his parents had gone out.

It opened and Erin's head poked in. She smiled and closed the door behind her. She looked great today in a summer dress with her hair crinkled.

''Hey'', Josh said, slightly confused, ''I was ringing you earlier but I couldn't...''.

''Oh yeah, I was out with Billy and I had left my phone in the apartment'', she said.

''Oh right, are you ok? I was worried about you after last night'', Josh said as she kicked her sandals off sat down beside him.

''I'm fine, I don't know what came over me'', Erin smiled, ''but I'm ok''.

''Are you sure?''.


They sat beside each other not saying a word. Erin was looking around the room and smiling.

''How did you get in here?'', Josh asked.

''Key under the little frog'', Erin answered lying back.

She turned on her side and looked up at him.

''You remembered the key?''.

''Of course I did''.

They were silent again, Erin lay her head down on his pillow and sighed.

''Tell me about England'', she said.

Josh lay down beside her and took her hand. He rubbed it gently.

''Hmmm, England. I hate it'', he said smiling, ''well it's a great place to live, it's just London is so hectic everything is rushed. Although, my apartment is great''.

''What's it like?'', she asked him with genuine interest.

''It's quite small, not like yours, but it's near the West End, so it's in a great place. It's just 2 rooms, 1 with a bed and a small kitchen and a sofa and a telly and the other room is a bathroom. It's perfect. Just enough room for me, it's not messy it's...''.

''Your escape from the clutter'', Erin said.


''It sounds nice''.

''Jane doesn't like it'', Josh said unhappily.

Erin didn't reply, he had never said Jane's name before, he had actually never really mentioned her before. Erin knew she existed but she didn't want to know anything about her. Even knowing her name made her more real. Which reminded Erin that she was sleeping with someone's boyfriend. Well, she didn't know if they were actually still together, but she knew there was always the chance that they would be back together any second.

Josh could sense it had made Erin uncomfortable, he felt stupid for mentioning Jane. It's not like she actually mattered to him anymore, especially not right now anyway. They looked at each other, Josh couldn't help but smile. All he had been thinking about for the past few days was what life would have been like, had he chased Erin. Or, if Erin had gone to England with him. He knew he shouldn't think that, it didn't really matter.

Erin pulled him down onto her and starting kissing him, this time the kisses were rough, not the usual kisses she gave him. But he liked it. He held her arms above her head and kissed her neck. She pushed her hips up and moaned as he let go off her hands and slipped his hand under her dress, he ran it up her thigh until he came to her hips. She smiled.

''Oh did I forget to put underwear on?'', she said innocently.

Josh had never taken his clothes off quicker in his life, she pulled her dress over her head and threw it at him. He jumped down on top of her and starting kissing her chest. He unclipped her bra and threw it somewhere.

''Ow'', she said reaching under her, she pulled out his phone and threw that down on the floor with everything else, ''ok you can continue''.

The End

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