Erin barely had time to open the door before Katie and Ryan burst in. They ran under her arm and into the living area.

''Turn the Wii on'', Katie said jumping up and down.

''Katie that's rude, say please'', Dan said as he came in with their little bags, he hugged Erin with his free arm, ''Chleo still wasn't ready, so I had to leave her behind''.

''Don't worry about it'', Erin said as she lifted Ryan, ''how are you?''.

''I'm fine'', Ryan said shyly, ''can we please play the wii Ewin?''.

''Of course you can'', she smiled, ''say bye to your Daddy first''.

Ryan wiggled down and the two children ran to Dan for a hug. He kissed each of them on the head, much to Ryan's disgust, said goodbye to Erin and left. Katie took Erin's hand and shook it up and down.

''Wii time Erin'', she said, ''c'mon''.

Ryan giggled and jumped onto the sofa as Erin turned Mario Cart on. She went into the kitchen as they played and looked in the freezer, she knew she should have gone shopping before they came over. She was going to have to order in. She rang up the pizza place, keeping her voice low so the kids didn't overhear. She joined them then, pretending to be bad at the game.

''Do I have to share a bed with Ryan tonight?'', Katie asked as they played.

''Yup, you guys can sleep in my bed, I'm going to sleep on the couch'', Erin replied.

''I wanna sleep on the couch'', Ryan said dropping his wheel, ''Ina big boy and I'm gonna sleep on the couch''.

''No you are gonna sleep in with your sister in the big bed'', Erin said smiling.

''Can we make a fort?'', Katie asked.


''Hear that Ryan? If we sleep in the big bed we can make a fort'', she said to Ryan who was sitting on the floor pouting.

The doorbell rang, Erin got up, knowing they had won Ryan over. She opened the door and jumped.

''Hey Josh'', she said, ''I thought you were the pizza guy''.

''I thought I'd drop around'', Josh said smiling, he stepped forward to kiss her but she pulled back.

''It's not really a good time...''.

''Hey look it's Josh'', Katie shouted from behind her.

She came running to the door followed by Ryan.

''Josh are you coming to our sleepover too?'', she asked him smiling.

He looked at Erin, who smiled and shrugged.

''I suppose I could stay for a while'', he said.

''Yay'', Katie exclaimed and dragged him into the apartment, Ryan ran after them shouting yay.


The night was spent playing the Wii and eating way too much junk food, they were now all curled up on the sofa watching some new Disney film. Ryan was asleep on Erin's lap as she played with his hair. Katie's eyes were struggling to stay open and her head were fall forward every few minutes. Eventually she had given in and Josh carried her into Erin's bed. Erin followed with Ryan and the two tiptoed out closing the door gently behind them. Erin sat down on the sofa and lay her head back.

''I am sooo tired'', she said rubbing her eyes.

Josh sat down beside her and yawned.

 ''I can't imagine doing that 24/7'', he said stretching.


''Why does everyone say that?'', he smiled.

''I just thought that you...''.

''Would be the type to want loads of kids'', he finished her sentence, ''I know, everyone does''.

''I want hundreds of kids'', Erin said smiling.

''I don't think that's possible'', Josh said.

Erin lay her head down across his lap and closed her eyes.

''I know'', she said, ''but I'd like 3, at least, and a nice house, and a dog, and a husband. That's my dream life''.

Josh stroked her hair, he thought he saw a tear escape from her eye but she brushed it away. She opened her eyes and sat up, she got on her knees and looked at him. He looked back at her, he could tell she was trying not cry. She shuffled closer to him, she looked like she was studying him. She ran her hand down the sides of his face and her fingers along his lips, she kissed them gently and smiled. He smiled back. She kissed him again, this time a bit harder, she pushed him back on the sofa and lay on top of him kissing him. He ran his hands up her thighs and under her tshirt, he felt something wet drop onto his cheek and he opened his eyes. Erin had stopped kissing him and had her head on his shoulder, she was shaking.

''Erin?'', he whispered, ''what's wrong?''.

She didn't say anything, just cried into his tshirt. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. After a few minutes she stopped.

''I think you should go home'', she said quietly.


''Hey'', Billy said hugging Erin.

They sat down at the little cafè table and ordered 2 cappachinos.

''What's up?'', she asked him.

''Just needed to talk to someone I guess'', he shrugged.

''Is everything ok?'', Erin frowned.

Billy avoided her eyes, looking down at his hands.

''Billy you can tell me'', she said placing her hand on his.

''I cheated on Dean'', he said quietly, ''and I don't feel guilty''.

''You shouldn't'', Erin said sitting back.


''If you expected me to give you a talking to you were wrong'', she said, then softening her expression, ''Billy he treats you like shit. You need to get rid of him, you obviously don't want to be with him if you cheated''.

''But I love him''.

She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. They sat in an awkward silence waiting for their drinks. When the waiter had left them, Erin sighed.

''Billy, if you love him then stay with him'', she shrugged, ''but he doesn't love you. He uses you, he treats you like a personal slave''.

Billy knew Erin was right, but he couldn't bring himself to admit that the past 6 years of his life were essentially wasted.

''Anyway'', she said, ''he's cheated on you lots of times''.

It stung Billy to be reminded of that, Dean never 'believed' in monogamy and he always took him back after he spent nights with random guys.

''I know'', he said, ''I know I have to leave him, it's just so hard. I can't kick him out but I don't want to leave my apartment, it's my home''.

''Kick. Him. Out'', Erin said slowly, ''you know Chleo would say the same. Everyone would''.

''Yeah'', Billy said taking a sip of his drink, ''it's just hard''.

''Billy, of all people, believe me I know'', Erin said, ''I know it's hard to walk away from someone but if it's what's best at the time you have to do it''.

The End

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