Josh woke up suddenly, he looked around, trying to remember where he was. A tiny bit of light was shining in through thehalf closed curtains. His eyes grew accustomed to the dark and he could make out the door for the bathroom to his left, the wardrobes and the dressing table at the bottom of the room. Erin's room. He let out a sigh of relief and lay back down. He looked to the clock 5:30am. He turned around to look at Erin who was snoring lightly, the light was bouncing off her skin, she was lying on her stomach, with her head facing towards him, the blankets covered her waist but her back was bare. The years in the sun had given Erin a premanent sun kissed glow, it had also faded the scars. Josh ran his fingers lightly along her back, sure some of the marks were still plain to see, but the burn scars were pretty much gone, he smiled as she pouted in her sleep. She was absolutely beautiful.


He didn't remember falling back asleep but when he woke Erin was gone, the curtains were closed fully and the door of the bedroom was open. He rubbed his eyes and sat up.

''Erin?'', he called.

There was no answer. He looked at the clock, it was almost lunch time, she must have gone into work. He got up and pulled his boxers on, walking out to the kitchen. There was a note on the island. He picked it up.

''Didn't want to wake you, help yourself to food and such. I'll talk to you later.

Erin. x''

He smiled, and went back to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. He picked up the shampoo and sniffed it. Coconut. He shrugged and washed his hair, he could hear his phone ringing but he wasn't in a rush to get out. The shower was awesome. When he had dried and redressed he picked up his phone. 2 missed calls from Jane. He signed and pressed call.

''Hello'', came her voice, obviously pissed off.

''Hey Jane'', he said sitting down on the bed, ''what's wrong?''.

''Nothing, I hadn't heard from you in a few days'', she said, Josh could hear her friend Lorraine in the background, ''what have you been up to?''.

''Nothing really'', he smiled, spotting Erin's pants on the floor, ''just catching up with some old friends''.

''Where are you?''.

''My room'', Josh lied.

''Wish I was there with you'', Jane said.

Josh rolled his eyes, she didn't really, she was just saying that in front of Lorraine.

''I miss you''.

Josh didn't reply, he was too busy searching for his shoes.



''I said I miss you''.

''I can't really hear you Jane'', Josh said wishing she would go away, ''You're breaking up, I'll talk to you later''.

He hung up before she could get another word in. He didn't know what he saw in her, besides the fact she loved art, they had little in common, the past 4 years with her had been spent mostly fighting, her career came first. He came second. He didn't even know if he loved her anymore or if he was just with her because it was handy.


''In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement was signed. This called for peace between Unionist paramilitaries and Nationalist paramilitaries not just in Northern Ireland but in the South aswell'', Billy said, to a half listening class, ''Sean? Can you tell me when the Sunningdale Agreement was signed?''.

Sean, a dopey looking boy sitting at the back of the class looked up quickly.

''Eh, it was like only a couple of years ago'', he said going red.

''Wrong, 1973. Next time I catch you texting in my class you can do 50 press-ups'', Billy said, ''anyway as I was saying, before in 1994 a cease fire...''.

His phone rang in his pocket. The class giggled, they always did, even though they were 16. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, which was immediately filled with the voices of all 20 students.

''Hello?'', he said.

''Billy'', came the shrill voice of Dean, ''there's no milk''.

''You rang me to tell me that?'', Billy said annoyed.

''Well how am I meant to have my breakfast without milk?'', Dean snapped.

Billy looked at his watch, it was half 12 and Dean was only getting up.

''Go down to the shops yourself and get some milk'', Billy replied, trying not to said aggravated.

''Me? Eh I'm no where near ready to go outside, you are just so inconsiderate towards my needs'', Dean exclaimed.

The phone line went dead, Billy closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths before heading into the classroom full of screaming teenagers.

''Shut up'', he bellowed.

They all froze for a second before sitting back in their chairs and facing him. He sat down at his desk with his head in his hands.

''Relationships are a bitch sir'', a girl said from the front row.

He couldn't help but smile at her.


''Chicky poooo?'', Chleo said as Erin answered her phone.

''Yes?'', Erin said smiling.

''Will you babysit my children on Friday?'', Chleo said.

''I suppose so'', Erin shrugged, Chleo hated asking Erin to babysit. She hated asking anyone to babysit, ''but do you mind if they come over to mine?''.

''Of course not'', Chleo said happily, ''they'll be so excited, thank you so much Erin. Ryan, Ryan....RYAN DO NOT HANG PUT YOUR HEAD UP THE CHIMNEY...Sorry Erin, I swear they're good all the time until I pick up a phone. I'll talk to later Chicky''.

''Alright'', Erin laughed, ''bye''.

The End

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